InVedio: Revolutionizing Video Creation with AI Technology but here comes quickads?

June 23, 2024

Nitin is the CEO of with 20+ years of experience in the field of marketing and advertising. Previously, he was a partner at McKinsey & Co and MD at Accenture, where he has led 20+ marketing transformations.

InVedio and Quickads are AI-powered platforms changing video and ad creation:

Feature InVedio Quickads
Focus General video creation Video ad creation
Key AI tech Script writing, visual selection, voice generation Ad text writing, image generation
Creation time Medium 30 seconds
Video types Various (YouTube shorts, etc.) Ads (Google, Facebook, etc.)
Editing options Many Few
Ease of use Easy, more features Very easy, fewer options
Cost Not specified Free plan, $690/year (Agency)

Both tools make content creation faster and cheaper, but raise concerns about fake content and job displacement. As AI video creation evolves, it may integrate with other marketing tools and technologies like AR/VR.

2. Problems with Current Video Creation Methods

Many businesses struggle with making videos for marketing. Here are the main issues:

2.1 Takes Too Long

Making videos often takes a lot of time. A Wyzowl report found that 30% of people say lack of time is their biggest problem when creating videos. This is because video-making involves many steps:

  • Planning
  • Writing scripts
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Finishing touches

Each step can take hours, days, or weeks, depending on how complex the video is.

2.2 Costs a Lot

Video-making can be expensive, especially for high-quality videos. Costs can include:

Item Potential Cost
Equipment Hundreds to thousands of dollars
Software Monthly subscriptions or one-time purchases
Professional help Hourly or project-based fees
Actors or presenters Per-day or per-project fees
Filming locations Rental fees

These costs can add up quickly, making it hard for small businesses to afford good videos.

2.3 Requires Special Knowledge

Making good videos needs specific skills like:

  • Camera work
  • Video editing
  • Sound design

Without these skills, it's hard to make videos that people want to watch. This can be a big problem for small business owners and marketers who don't have video experience.

2.4 Hard to Make Many Videos Quickly

Traditional video-making is often set up for one video at a time. This makes it hard to create lots of videos fast, which is important for today's fast-moving online world. Businesses need to make many videos quickly to keep up with social media and other online platforms.

These problems show why new, easier ways to make videos are needed. Tools that can help businesses create good videos quickly and cheaply could solve many of these issues.

3. How InVedio Uses AI


InVedio uses AI to make video creation easier, faster, and cheaper. It solves many problems that come with traditional video making.

3.1 AI Script Writing

InVedio's AI writes scripts quickly. Users just need to give a basic idea, and the AI creates a full script. This saves time for businesses that need to make lots of videos.

3.2 AI Visual Selection and Editing

The AI picks and edits visuals for videos. It reads the script and chooses matching images or videos. This makes sure the visuals fit the content and saves time.

3.3 AI Voice and Lip-Sync

InVedio's AI creates realistic voices for videos. It also syncs the voice with lip movements. This is useful for making explainer videos or tutorials.

3.4 Personalization Options

Users can change how their videos look. They can pick different:

  • Templates
  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Animations

This helps make videos that match a company's style.

3.5 Key Benefits for Users

Benefit Description
Time Savings AI does many tasks quickly
Lower Costs No need for expensive equipment or experts
Easy to Use Anyone can make good videos, even without experience

InVedio's AI tools make video creation simpler for all users.

4. Quickads: A New Competitor


4.1 What Quickads Offers

Quickads is an AI-powered ad platform that makes ad creation easier. It offers:

The platform aims to help advertisers make good campaigns easily.

4.2 Fast Ad Creation

Quickads can make ads in just 30 seconds. This is because of its AI technology, which makes the ad creation process much faster.

4.3 Ad Types and Platforms

Platform Ad Types
Google Text, Display
Facebook Image, Video
Instagram Stories, Feed
YouTube Shorts

This range of options helps advertisers reach people on different platforms.

4.4 AI Writing and Image Creation

Quickads' AI can:

  • Write ad text
  • Create images

This helps businesses save money on writing and photo services.

4.5 Effects on the Industry

Quickads might change how ads are made. It makes it easier and cheaper for businesses to create good ads. This could lead to more companies using AI to make their ads.

Changes Results
Easier ad creation More businesses can make ads
Lower costs Smaller companies can afford good ads
Faster process Businesses can make more ads quickly

These changes could make the ad industry work differently in the future.


5. InVedio vs Quickads: A Comparison

5.1 Pros and Cons

Feature InVedio Quickads
Script Writing AI-powered Not available
Video Editing AI-assisted Not available
Ad Creation Time Medium 30 seconds
Video Types Many (YouTube shorts, etc.) Many (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.)
Editing Options Many Few
Easy to Use Yes Yes

InVedio and Quickads are AI tools for making videos, but they work differently. InVedio helps make many types of videos with lots of editing options. Quickads makes ads very quickly with fewer options to change things.

5.2 Who Should Use Each Tool

InVedio is good for:

  • Online stores
  • Marketing companies
  • Social media users who want to make nice videos

Quickads is good for:

  • People who need to make ads fast
  • Those who want AI to help write ad text
  • Businesses that need computer-made product photos

5.3 Cost Comparison

Plan InVedio Quickads
Free Not mentioned $0/month
Paid Not mentioned $690/year (Agency)
Extra Not mentioned Custom price (Enterprise)

We don't know InVedio's prices. Quickads has a free plan, a $690/year plan, and a custom-price plan for big companies.

5.4 Ease of Use

Both InVedio and Quickads are easy to use.


  • AI helps write scripts and edit videos
  • Many options to change your video
  • Might take more time to learn all the features


  • Makes ads very fast
  • AI writes ad text
  • Fewer options to change things
  • Easy for beginners to use

6. What's Next for AI Video Creation

AI video creation is changing fast. Here's what might happen next:

6.1 New AI Developments

AI might work with other tech like AR and VR. This could make videos more fun to watch. AI might also get better at editing videos, making it faster to make them.

AI could also help make videos just for you. This means businesses could make videos that you like, based on what you've watched before.

6.2 Working with Other Marketing Tools

AI video tools might start working better with other marketing stuff. This could include:

Marketing Tool How It Could Work with AI Video
Social media schedulers Post videos at the best times
Customer databases Make videos for specific customers
Email marketing Add personalized videos to emails

This could help businesses save time and make better videos.

6.3 Things to Watch Out For

As AI makes more videos, we need to be careful. Here are some things to think about:

Concern Why It Matters
Fake videos AI could make videos that aren't true
Jobs Some people might lose their jobs if AI does the work
Being honest We need to tell people when AI makes a video

It's important for businesses to use AI video tools in a good way. They should tell people when AI makes a video and use it to help, not trick people.

7. Wrapping Up

7.1 Key Points About InVedio and Quickads

InVedio and Quickads are changing how people make videos and ads using AI. Here's a quick look at what they do:

Tool Main Use Key Features
InVedio Video creation AI helps write scripts, choose visuals, and edit videos
Quickads Ad creation Makes ads fast, writes ad text, creates product photos

Both tools make it easier and cheaper to create content.

7.2 Looking Ahead

AI will keep changing how we make videos and ads. Here's what might happen:

  • AI tools will get better at making videos and ads
  • They might work with other marketing tools
  • More people will use AI to make content

But we need to be careful:

Concern What It Means
Fake content AI might make videos that aren't true
Jobs Some people might lose work to AI
Being honest We should tell people when AI makes something

As AI gets better at making videos and ads, it will change how businesses talk to customers online. It's important to use these tools wisely and honestly.


How to create videos using inVideo AI?

To make videos with inVideo AI, follow these steps:

  1. Tell it your idea: Pick a type of video and describe what you want.
  2. Choose who it's for: Pick your audience and where the video will go.
  3. Fix the words and pictures: Change the script and add images or videos.
  4. Make more changes: Use simple commands to adjust your video further.

Is there anything better than InVideo?

Placeit is a free option that's different from InVideo. Here's what it offers:

Feature Description
Video types Slideshows, ads, promo videos
Other tools Makes branding items too
Templates Lots to choose from
Customization Easy to add your own stuff
Branding Can match your company's look

Placeit lets you make professional-looking videos and other marketing materials without paying.

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