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June 21, 2024

Nitin is the CEO of quickads.ai with 20+ years of experience in the field of marketing and advertising. Previously, he was a partner at McKinsey & Co and MD at Accenture, where he has led 20+ marketing transformations.

Looking for AI video tools that outperform InVideo.ai? Here's a quick comparison of top alternatives:

Tool Best For Key Features
Pictory Blog-to-video conversion Script-to-video, AI voices, brand kit
Synthesia AI presenters Custom AI avatars, text-to-video, multi-language
Canva Easy design Drag-and-drop editor, templates, stock library

These tools offer unique strengths:

  • Pictory excels at turning long-form content into short videos
  • Synthesia creates videos with lifelike AI presenters
  • Canva provides simple design tools for basic video editing

Choose based on your specific needs:

  • For content repurposing, try Pictory
  • For AI-driven presentations, use Synthesia
  • For quick, easy videos, go with Canva

Each tool has pros and cons in features, ease of use, and pricing. Test a few to find your best fit for creating engaging video content efficiently.

2. InVideo.ai Overview


2.1 Main Features

InVideo.ai is an AI tool for making videos. Here's what it can do:

Feature Description
Text-to-video Turns written scripts into videos
AI voiceovers Adds computer-generated voices to videos
Template library Offers many pre-made video designs
Team tools Lets people work together on videos
Editing options Includes effects, transitions, and filters

2.2 What InVideo.ai Does Well

InVideo.ai has some strong points:

Strength Explanation
Easy to use Simple interface for all skill levels
Fast creation Makes videos quickly with AI and templates
Free media Lots of free images, videos, and music
Fair pricing Affordable plans for individuals and businesses

2.3 Where InVideo.ai Falls Short

InVideo.ai also has some weak spots:

Weakness Details
Basic editing May not suit users who need complex editing
Common designs Templates might look too similar to other videos
Needs internet Doesn't work without a good internet connection

InVideo.ai is a helpful tool for making videos quickly. It's good for many users but might not fit everyone's needs.

3. Other Video Creation Tools

InVideo.ai is good, but there are other tools that might work better for you. Let's look at some options:

3.1 Pictory


Pictory uses AI to make videos from written content. Here's what it can do:

Feature What it does
Script to Video Turns written scripts into videos
Blog to Video Makes videos from blog posts
Text Editing Lets you change videos by editing text
AI Voices Offers 29 languages
Brand Kit Keeps your brand look the same in all videos

Pictory is great for turning long content into short videos. It's easy to use but sometimes slow when downloading clips.

3.2 Synthesia


Synthesia makes videos with AI-created presenters. Here's what it offers:

Feature What it does
AI Presenters Creates fake people to present your videos
Text to Video Turns scripts into videos
Many Languages Makes videos in different languages
Custom AI People Lets you make your own AI presenter

Synthesia is good for making videos with presenters without filming real people. It's best for training videos but might not work for all types of content.

3.3 Canva


Canva is a design tool that now makes videos too. Here's what it can do:

Feature What it does
Easy Editor Simple drag-and-drop video making
Many Templates Lots of video designs to choose from
Stock Library Millions of images, videos, and sounds
Brand Kit Keeps your brand look the same
Team Tools Lets people work together on videos

Canva is easy to use and good for making simple videos for social media. But it might not have all the video editing tools that other programs have.

Each of these tools does some things better than InVideo.ai. The best one for you depends on what kind of videos you want to make.

4. Tool Comparison

4.1 Features Side-by-Side

Here's how InVideo.ai, Pictory, Synthesia, and Canva compare:

Feature InVideo.ai Pictory Synthesia Canva
Templates 5000+ Few 65+ Many
AI Avatar Yes (mobile app) No 150+ No
Script to Video Yes Yes Yes No
Blog to Video Yes Yes No No
Stock Assets 16M+ 10M+ Few Millions
AI Voices Yes 29 languages Yes No
Screen Recording No No Yes No
Brand Kit Yes Yes No Yes
Team Work Yes Yes (Teams plan) Yes Yes

4.2 How They Work for Different Videos

Each tool is good for different types of videos:

Marketing Videos:

  • InVideo.ai: Good for many types of marketing videos
  • Pictory: Best for turning blogs into videos
  • Synthesia: Great for videos with AI presenters
  • Canva: Good for simple social media videos

Explainer Videos:

  • InVideo.ai: Many templates for explainer videos
  • Pictory: Turns written explanations into videos
  • Synthesia: Good for product demos with AI presenters
  • Canva: Works for simple animated explainers


  • InVideo.ai: Has templates and footage for tutorials
  • Pictory: Changes written tutorials into videos
  • Synthesia: Good for software tutorials with AI presenters
  • Canva: Works for simple, step-by-step tutorials

4.3 Pricing Breakdown

Here's what each tool costs:

Tool Free Plan Basic Plan Pro Plan Business Plan
InVideo.ai Limited use $15/month $30/month Ask for price
Pictory No $19/month $39/month $99/month
Synthesia No No $30/month Ask for price
Canva Yes $12.99/month $30/month Ask for price

InVideo.ai is cheaper to start. Pictory has a middle-priced option. Synthesia is for bigger users. Canva has the best free plan for basic videos.

5. Video Marketing Features

5.1 AI for Targeted Ads

AI helps make better targeted ads in video marketing. Here's how each tool uses AI for ads:

Tool AI Use in Ads
InVideo.ai Changes video content for each viewer
Pictory Makes videos from written ads
Synthesia Uses AI people in personalized videos
Canva Helps design good-looking ads

5.2 Brand Consistency Options

Keeping your brand look the same in all videos is important. Each tool helps with this:

Tool How It Keeps Brand Look
InVideo.ai Upload your logo and colors
Pictory Use your brand items in videos
Synthesia Make AI people match your brand style
Canva Many options to use your brand look

These tools help make ads that fit your brand and reach the right people.


6. User Experience

6.1 How Easy to Use

Both Pictory and InVideo are easy to use, but in different ways:

Tool Ease of Use
Pictory Simple drag-and-drop interface, good for beginners
InVideo More features, might be a bit much for new users

6.2 Help and Resources

Both tools offer good support:

Tool Support Options
InVideo Tutorials, guides, knowledge base
Pictory Guide, webinars, community forum, quick customer support

6.3 Time to Learn

Learning time differs for each tool:

Tool Learning Curve
Pictory Quick to learn, easy to start making videos
InVideo Takes more time to learn all features

In short, Pictory is easier for beginners, while InVideo offers more features but takes longer to master.

7. Working with Other Tools

Both Pictory and InVideo can work with other marketing tools, but in different ways:

Tool Marketing Platform Connections
Pictory Links to HubSpot, MailChimp, Marketo, and more
InVideo Works with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram

Pictory connects to more marketing platforms, while InVideo focuses on social media sites.

7.2 Social Media Fit

Here's how each tool works for social media:

Tool Social Media Features
Pictory - Makes videos for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
- Offers square and tall video shapes
InVideo - Good for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram
- Fewer options to change video shape

Pictory gives more choices for different social media sites, but InVideo still works well for the main video platforms.

7.3 Export Choices

When saving your videos, each tool offers different options:

Export Feature Pictory InVideo
Video Formats MP4, AVI, MOV MP4, AVI
Resolution Options Many choices Up to 1080p only
Customization Can change frame rate, aspect ratio Limited options

Pictory gives you more ways to save and change your videos, while InVideo keeps things simpler but with fewer choices.

8. Long-Term Tool Outlook

8.1 Future Plans

InVideo and its competitors are set to grow and improve in the coming years. InVideo has rebuilt its system using Web3, which will make videos faster to create and easier to store. This change will let InVideo use better AI to help creators make videos more easily. As AI gets better, we can expect video tools to offer:

  • More ways to change videos
  • Better computer voices
  • More eye-catching visuals

8.2 Keeping Up with New Ideas

InVideo is ready to adapt to new trends in video marketing. These trends include:

Trend How InVideo Can Help
Personal videos Use AI to make videos for specific viewers
Short videos Offer templates for quick, short clips
Social media focus Provide tools for different social platforms

With its new system and AI tools, InVideo can help creators stay current with these changes.

8.3 Company Strength

InVideo's strength as a company is important for its future. Here's why InVideo is likely to stay strong:

Reason Explanation
New technology Built on Web3 and uses AI
Focus on users Makes tools easy to use
Always improving Keeps adding new features

As video marketing changes, InVideo's strength will help it keep creators' trust and stay ahead of other tools.

9. Wrap-Up

9.1 Tool Recap

We've looked at InVideo.ai and other tools like Pictory, Synthesia, and Canva. Each tool has its own strengths:

Tool Main Strength
InVideo.ai All-around AI video editing
Pictory Turns long content into short videos
Synthesia Makes videos with AI people
Canva Easy design and basic video editing

9.2 Who Should Use What

Here's a quick guide on which tool might work best for you:

If you're a... Try this tool
Social media creator Pictory
Business or teacher Synthesia
Designer Canva
Someone who wants many features InVideo.ai

9.3 Final Thoughts

Picking the right tool can help you make better videos faster. Think about what you need most:

  • Do you want to turn blogs into videos?
  • Do you need AI presenters?
  • Are you looking for easy design tools?
  • Do you want a mix of many features?

Choose the tool that fits your needs best. With these AI video tools, you can make good videos more easily and quickly.


Is there anything better than InVideo?

Yes, there are other tools that might work better than InVideo for some users. Here's a quick look at some options:

Tool What it's good for
Pictory Making videos from written content
Synthesia Creating videos with AI presenters
Canva Simple design and basic video editing
Fliki Turning text into videos

Each tool has its own strong points:

  • Pictory helps turn long text into short videos
  • Synthesia makes videos with computer-generated people
  • Canva is easy to use for design and simple videos
  • Fliki changes written words into video content

The best tool for you depends on what you need to do. Think about:

  • What kind of videos you want to make
  • How much time you have to learn the tool
  • What features are most important to you

Pick the tool that fits your needs best. Try out a few to see which one works well for you.

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