Bring Your Music to Life
with Dynamic Videos

Turn your tracks into visual Masterpiece using Quickads
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Loved the features of quickads, I suck at video editing stuffs.
Using quickads now I'm converting my lyrics into videos.

Create professional videos without a learning curve!

Start creating amazing videos from day one.

Each Al generated video is unique, informative and has great entertainment value.

Just put your music lyrics in prompt and quickad's million footage library will execute your video to match your lyrics and music.
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Research and discover
what is going on trend
and stay Top of it

Complete your hours of research within 5 minutes with Quickads research library.

Quickads have huge research library!
using filters you can easily find what is going in your industry, find trends and easy viral content
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Create in 29 languages
or Clone your Voice!

Let your content go beyond text with our realistic AI voices. Generate high-quality spoken audio in any voice, style, and language.

Our AI voice generator is powered by an AI model that renders human intonation and inflections with unrivaled fidelity, adjusting the delivery based on context.
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Our Innovations

have to get a good Sub Headline here

Al powered scripts to save time

QuickAds’ Al analyzes best performing ads by industry.

Using that now you can make Tiktok, YouTube and Instagram script generators that create engaging, tailored scripts for any video topic, saving hours.

Affordable alternative to voice artists

Our voiceover generator is as close as it gets to a professional voice artist.

It brings your videos to life by grasping the emotion behind every word, adding human-sounding Al speech in a wide range of languages.

Analyse video using computer vision

Using our fine tuned proprietary AI model, get instant score on how good (or not so good? your video is.

Get very specific recommendations on what to change.

Set yourself up for success

Plan and execute a video content strategy that will significantly increase your exposure, awareness and engagement.

Publish videos frequently with Al to keep your viewers engaged. Proven to earn 10,000$+ per month with minimal effort.

How it works

This is how you can supercharge your businesses with Quickads
1. Enter a Prompt or Product URL
Simply type the basic keywords you're looking to create.
2. Select your Video type
You have flexibility to select your video formation specified for Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube etc.
3. Schedule and Publish
Exporting each video and uploading them in your all platforms can be very time consuming. Use our Schedule and Publish feature to make everything happen in  literally 1 Click.
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In case you missed anything.

What all can I make with quickads AI video generator?

Anything and everything such as:
Concept to short video for Instagram,
Tiktok or Youtube shorts,
Blog to video,
Text prompt to video storyAd / reel to ad / reel (similar video generator)
Add Captions on an existing video
Add music
Add human like AI voice in English and 60+ other languages
Add text, animations…..

Will anyone know if I made using AI?

No! We use AI to help make a script and select footages from world’s biggest human recorded library (getty images / istock). We stitch it together just like a human editor will and so no one will know you were smart to save money and make lots of good content

Is it easy to use?

Absolutely, none of the team members in our team are expert video editors. We designed a simple to use (yet powerful) storytelling tool. Anyone and everyone deserves the right to tell a story, isn’t it?

What languages do you support? Can I translate from one to another?

We support 29 most used languages. And, yes you can translate to other languages or even clone your voice.

How to use?