Quickads / InVideo: Unleash Your Creativity with AI-Driven Video Editing

June 22, 2024

Nitin is the CEO of quickads.ai with 20+ years of experience in the field of marketing and advertising. Previously, he was a partner at McKinsey & Co and MD at Accenture, where he has led 20+ marketing transformations.

This article compares two AI-powered video editing tools: Quickads and InVideo. Here's what you need to know:

Feature Quickads InVideo
Focus Fast ad creation Video creation and editing
Best for Quick, simple videos Businesses making lots of videos
Ease of use Easy Very easy
AI features Ad copy generation Scene detection, text-to-speech
Templates AI-powered product ads Many ready-to-use templates
Free plan Limited, watermarked Basic features, watermarked
Paid plans $9-$99/month $15-$60/month
Sharing Google Pmax, social media Easy sharing across platforms

Both tools offer:

  • AI-driven editing
  • Cloud-based processing
  • Stock media libraries
  • Social media integration

Choose Quickads for fast ad creation or InVideo for more comprehensive video editing. Try free versions before deciding.

2. Quickads: What It Offers


2.1 Main Features

Quickads is a platform that uses AI to help create ads. Here are its main features:

Feature Description
AI-driven Uses AI to make ads quickly
User behavior analysis Looks at how people act to make better ads
Audience targeting Helps show ads to the right people
Image tools Gets images from videos and helps manage them

2.2 Who It's For

Quickads works well for:

  • Marketing teams
  • Online shops
  • Ad agencies

It helps these groups make good ads without needing lots of design skills.

2.3 Cost

Quickads has different prices for different needs:

Plan Price Best For
Starter $9/month Small businesses
Small Business $29/month Growing online shops
Agency $99/month Big companies and ad agencies

Note: Prices might be different in some places.

3. InVideo: What It Offers


3.1 Main Features

InVideo is a video editing platform that uses AI to make video creation easier. Here's what it offers:

Feature Description
Easy-to-use interface Anyone can use it, even without tech skills
Template library Many ready-to-use templates for different needs
Editing tools Control details like color, effects, and sound
Team work Work with others and share drafts easily

3.2 Who It's For

InVideo works well for:

  • Marketers making ads and social media posts
  • Teachers creating learning videos
  • People making videos for YouTube or TikTok

3.3 Cost

InVideo has different plans:

Plan Price What you get
Free $0 Basic features with some limits
Business $30/month or $15/month yearly No InVideo logo, better templates, 10 iStock media/month
Unlimited $60/month or $30/month yearly Everything in Business, plus more

Note: Prices may change in different places.

4. Comparing Quickads and InVideo

4.1 How Easy They Are to Use

Both Quickads and InVideo are simple to use:

Tool Ease of Use
Quickads AI helps make ads quickly
InVideo Easy-to-use interface for all skill levels

Both tools let beginners and experts make good videos without much trouble.

4.2 Templates and Customization

Here's how Quickads and InVideo compare for templates and customization:

Feature Quickads InVideo
Templates AI-powered product ads Many ready-to-use templates
Customization Add branding elements Control colors, effects, and sound

Both tools let users make videos that fit their needs.

4.3 AI Features

Quickads and InVideo use AI to help make videos:

AI Feature Quickads InVideo
Main AI use Make ads quickly Help with editing
Specific tools AI ad copy generator Scene detection, text-to-speech

These AI tools help users save time and make good videos.

4.4 Exporting and Sharing Options

Both tools make it easy to share videos:

Option Quickads InVideo
Export formats Various ad formats Different video formats
Sharing Google Pmax, social media, display ads Easy sharing across platforms

Users can easily get their videos to many people with both tools.

5. Speed and Efficiency

5.1 How Fast Videos Can Be Made

AI video editors like Quickads and InVideo make video creation much faster. They use smart computer programs to do many tasks quickly:

  • Pick the best video clips
  • Cut and arrange clips
  • Add effects and music

This means you can make good videos in less time than before.

5.2 Time to Finish and Export

AI video editors also make exporting videos faster:

Process Traditional Editing AI Video Editors
Exporting Hours Minutes
Processing On your computer In the cloud

Cloud processing means you don't need a powerful computer to make videos quickly.

5.3 Online vs. Computer Processing

AI video editors work online, which has some big plus points:

Feature Benefit
Access anywhere Work on videos from any device
Team work Many people can work on one video at the same time
No special computer needed Use any computer or tablet to make videos

These tools make it easy for anyone to create good videos without waiting a long time or needing special skills.

6. Video Quality

6.1 Video Size and Types

Quickads and InVideo let you choose different video sizes:

Video Size Description
SD Standard definition
HD High definition
4K Ultra-high definition

Pick the size that works best for where you'll show your video.

6.2 Effects and Transitions

Both tools offer many effects and transitions:

Feature Description
Basic Fades and cuts
Advanced Animations and 3D effects

These help make your videos look good and keep people watching.

6.3 Adding Text and Graphics

You can add text and graphics to your videos:

Element Options
Text Different fonts, colors, and styles
Graphics Logos, icons, and other images

Adding these can:

  • Help explain things
  • Show important points
  • Make your videos look better
  • Show your brand

Both Quickads and InVideo make it easy to add these elements to your videos.

7. Working Together

7.1 Editing at the Same Time

InVideo lets many people work on one video at once. This means:

  • No need for long emails
  • No worries about different versions
  • Everyone sees changes right away

7.2 Sharing and Getting Feedback

InVideo makes it easy to work with others:

Feature How it helps
Cloud-based Work from anywhere
Comments Add notes at specific times in the video
Real-time changes See updates as they happen

These tools help you finish videos faster.

7.3 Managing Users and Access

InVideo lets you control who can do what:

Role What they can do
Editor Make changes to the video
Reviewer Look at the video and give feedback
Viewer Watch the video only

This helps keep your video project organized and on track.

By using InVideo's team tools, you can:

  • Make videos faster
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Get more done

These tools work well for small teams and big companies.


8. Connecting with Other Tools

8.1 Social Media Connections

InVideo lets users share videos directly to social media:

Platform Sharing Capability
Facebook Direct upload
YouTube One-click posting
Instagram Easy sharing
Twitter Quick tweets

This saves time by not needing to switch between apps.

8.2 Stock Images and Videos

InVideo has a big library of ready-to-use content:

Content Type Amount
Stock footage Millions of clips
Images Huge selection

Users can add these to their videos quickly, which helps make good videos fast.

8.3 Other App Connections

InVideo works with other apps too:

App What It Does
Google Drive Get your files
Dropbox Use your saved content

This helps users work faster by having all their stuff in one place.

9. Help and Support

9.1 Guides and How-To's

Quickads offers easy-to-follow guides and how-to's. These help users:

  • Learn how to use the tools
  • Make good ad campaigns
  • Fix common problems

9.2 Ways to Get Help

If you need help with Quickads, you can:

Method Description
Email Send a message to the support team
Live chat Talk to someone right away
FAQ Find answers to common questions

9.3 User Groups and Forums

Quickads has a community where users can:

  • Talk to other users
  • Ask questions
  • Share tips and tricks
  • Learn about new features

This helps everyone use Quickads better.

10. Pricing Details

10.1 Free Options

Both Quickads and InVideo have free plans:

Tool Free Plan Features
Quickads • 20 watermarked downloads
• 1 brand
AI product photography
• AI ad copywriter (35+ languages)
• 1 user
InVideo • Basic features with limits
• Watermarked videos
• 3 million+ standard media files
• 40-minute max video length (720p)
• 1 GB cloud storage

10.2 Paid Plans

Here's a breakdown of the paid plans:

Tool Plan Price
Quickads Starter $9/month
Small Business $29/month
Agency $99/month
InVideo Business $30/month or $15/month yearly
Unlimited $60/month or $30/month yearly

10.3 Options for Big Companies

Both tools offer custom plans for big companies. These often include:

  • More features
  • Extra storage
  • Special support

To learn more about these plans and their costs, you need to talk to their sales teams.

11. Good and Bad Points

11.1 What's Good About Quickads

Quickads has several good points:

Good Points Details
Easy to use Simple interface for all users
Reach many people Large user base for more potential sales
Ad tools Helpful features for making and tracking ads
Make it your own Users can change ads to fit their needs

11.2 What's Not So Good About Quickads

Quickads also has some problems:

Problems Details
Tech issues Sometimes slow or doesn't work right
Keeping users active Hard to keep people using it regularly
Help when you need it Support can be slow or not helpful

11.3 What's Good About InVideo

InVideo has many strong points:

Good Points Details
Fun to use Users enjoy making videos
Great help Good support and how-to guides
Nice experience Users like how it works overall
Brand it your way Add your logo, colors, and fonts

11.4 What's Not So Good About InVideo

InVideo has some weak points too:

Weak Points Details
Hard to find things Search doesn't work well
Can be expensive Some users think it costs too much
Limited free version Free option has fewer features and watermarks

11.5 Side-by-Side Comparison

Here's how Quickads and InVideo compare:

Feature Quickads InVideo
How easy to use Easy Very easy
Help when you need it Sometimes not good Very good
Make it your own You can do this You can do this
Tech problems Sometimes doesn't work right Can be slow or have bugs
Cost Not too expensive Can be pricey
Free version Limited with watermarks Limited with watermarks

This table shows what's good and not so good about each tool, helping you pick the right one for you.

12. Real-World Uses

12.1 For Ads and Marketing

InVideo helps make good ads and marketing videos. It does many tasks for you, so you can focus on making videos that people want to watch. You can use InVideo to make:

Video Type Purpose
Social media ads Get more sales
Product demos Show what your product can do
Brand stories Tell people about your company
Explainer videos Make hard ideas easy to understand

12.2 For Social Media Posts

InVideo is great for making videos that stand out on social media. It's easy to use and helps you make good videos for different sites. You can make:

Platform Video Type
Instagram Reels that show your brand's style
Facebook Videos that get people to like and buy
Twitter Short videos with quick tips
LinkedIn Videos that show you know your stuff

These videos can help more people see and like your brand online.

12.3 For Teaching and Training

InVideo is good for making videos that teach things. It does the hard work so you can focus on making videos that help people learn. You can make:

Video Type Use
Online courses Teach new skills
Tutorials Show how to do hard things
Work training Help new workers learn their job
School videos Explain hard topics in easy ways

These videos can help people learn and remember what you teach them.

13. What's Coming Next

13.1 New Things for Quickads

Quickads is likely to add new features as AI gets better. We might see:

New Feature What It Might Do
Faster video making Create videos even quicker
Smart editing help Find good scenes and fix colors by itself
Better automation Do more tasks without user input

13.2 New Things for InVideo

InVideo is also working on new tools. They might add:

Possible Update How It Could Help
Team editing Many people working on one video at the same time
More templates More ready-to-use video designs
More ways to change videos Make it easier to create videos that look good

13.3 Where AI Video Editing is Going

AI video editing is changing fast. In the future, we might see:

Future Trend What It Means
Smarter editing tools AI that understands what you want to make
Easier to use Anyone can make good videos without special skills
Working together online Edit videos with your team from anywhere

Quickads and InVideo are helping to make these changes happen. Users can look forward to new tools that make video editing easier and better.

14. Wrap-Up

14.1 Main Differences

Quickads and InVideo are two AI-powered video editing tools with different strengths:

Tool Main Focus Best For
InVideo Video creation Businesses and individuals making lots of videos
Quickads Fast video making Users who need quick, simple videos

14.2 Which One to Choose

To pick between Quickads and InVideo, think about:

Factor Consider
Speed How fast do you need to make videos?
Features Do you need basic or advanced tools?
Cost What's your budget?
Video Type What kind of videos do you want to make?

Try both tools for free before you decide. This helps you see which one works best for you.


Is InVideo AI worth it?

InVideo AI has some good points and some not-so-good points:

Good Not So Good
Makes videos quickly Limited AI features
Easy to use Slow to publish videos
Good for short videos Takes time to render videos

It's a good choice if you need to make short videos fast and don't need many fancy features.

Is InVideo studio better than InVideo AI?

It depends on what you need:

InVideo AI InVideo Studio
Good for quick videos More options
Works for faceless YouTube Has templates
Makes explainers easily Offers animations and stickers

Pick InVideo AI for speed, InVideo Studio for more tools.

Is there anything better than InVideo?

Placeit is a free option that some people like better than InVideo. Here's what it offers:

Feature Description
Video types Slideshows, ads, promo videos
Templates Many to choose from
Customization Easy to add your own content
Branding Tools to match your brand look

Placeit is good for making professional-looking videos without paying.

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