The Best social media content Solutions You Should Know

June 26, 2024

Nitin is the CEO of with 20+ years of experience in the field of marketing and advertising. Previously, he was a partner at McKinsey & Co and MD at Accenture, where he has led 20+ marketing transformations.

Looking for top tools to create and manage social media content? Here's a quick overview of 12 popular solutions:

Tool Best For Key Features
Quickads Fast, AI-based ad creation Discover winning ad ideas, bulk create on-brand ads, run campaigns faster and more affordably
Canva Easy graphic design Templates, free images, content planner
Adobe Creative Cloud Professional multimedia Templates, stock assets, brand kit
Visme Interactive graphics Infographics, animations, analytics
Hootsuite Social media management Multi-platform scheduling, analytics
Miro Team collaboration Digital whiteboard, templates, integrations
Filestage Content review/approval File sharing, markup tools, version control
Animoto Video creation Templates, stock media, branding options
Lumen5 AI-powered video creation Blog-to-video, templates, stock assets
Buffer Social media scheduling Multi-platform posting, analytics
Google Analytics Performance tracking Website/social traffic analysis, reporting
Sprinklr Enterprise customer experience Multi-channel management, AI-powered insights
ChatGPT AI content generation Post ideas, translations, content planning

This guide compares features, pricing, and pros/cons to help you choose the right tools for your social media content needs.

1. Quickads

Quickads is an innovative tool designed to streamline the ad creation process, especially for faceless content creators. It leverages AI to produce scroll-stopping content quickly and efficiently. Here are some of its key features:


  • AI-Based Ad Creation: Generate engaging ads using AI, based on winning concepts and brand language.

  • Template Library: Access a wide variety of templates tailored to different platforms and purposes.

  • Bulk Creation: Create multiple ads at once, saving time and ensuring consistency.

  • On-Brand Design: Maintain brand consistency across all ads with customizable templates.

  • Performance Tracking: Monitor the performance of your ads with built-in analytics tools.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use interface designed for users of all skill levels.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Time-Efficient: Significantly reduces the time required to create high-quality ads.

  • Cost-Effective: Offers affordable plans that provide great value for money.

  • Customizable Templates: Extensive library of templates that can be easily customized to fit your brand.

  • AI Optimization: Uses AI to optimize ads for better performance.


Quickads offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs. Detailed pricing information can be found here.

Plan Price Features
Basic $0/month Limited features
Pro $29/month Advanced features, more templates, and customization options
Business $79/month Team collaboration tools, priority support, and more
Enterprise Custom pricing Tailored solutions for large organizations

Quickads provides a versatile solution for creating and managing ad campaigns, making it a valuable tool for e-commerce sellers, start-ups, marketing agencies, and creative strategists.

2. Canva



Canva is an online tool for making designs and content. It's easy to use and has many options:

  • Many templates

  • Free images, icons, and graphics

  • Content planner (in Pro version)

  • Add link in bio feature

  • Track how well your content does

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
Easy to use Limited options in free version
Affordable Some items only in paid plans
Lots of templates and images Can be too much for new users
Good for social media, presentations, websites


Canva has different plans:

Plan Price Features
Free $0/month Basic features
Pro $12.99/month More features and items
Teams $14.99/month Team tools, more features
Education Free For students and teachers
Nonprofit Free For nonprofit groups

3. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud offers tools for making social media content, including Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark). This platform helps users create graphics, web pages, and videos quickly.


  • Many templates for different social media formats

  • Adobe Stock images and graphics

  • Brand Kit for keeping designs consistent

  • Simple animation and video editing

  • Cloud storage and works with other Adobe products

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Easy-to-use interface Takes time to learn
Design tools for non-designers Full features need paid plan
Many fonts and stock images Limited team features in free version
Can make short videos


Plan Price What's Included
Free $0/month Basic tools, some templates
Premium $9.99/month All templates, Adobe Fonts, more features
Teams Ask for price Team tools, shared templates, admin controls

Adobe Creative Cloud Express gives you many tools to make social media content. It's easy to use but also has advanced design options. It might take some time to learn, but it can help businesses and individuals improve their social media posts.

4. Visme



Visme is a tool for making graphics and content. It offers:

  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder

  • Tools for making infographics and reports

  • Built-in analytics to track content performance

  • Option to add videos and audio to graphics

  • Content library for organizing your work

  • Ability to add animations and interactive elements

  • Option to embed content from other websites

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Easy to use Free plan has limited features
Good for teamwork Many options can be overwhelming
Makes professional-looking designs
Offers interactive features


Visme has different plans:

Plan Price What's Included
Basic Free Some templates, 100MB storage
Standard $12/month All templates, 1GB storage
Complete $20/month All templates, 10GB storage, more features
Business Custom price Team tools, extra support

Visme is a good tool for making different types of content. It's easy to use and has plans for different needs and budgets.

5. Hootsuite


Hootsuite helps manage social media accounts in one place.


Hootsuite offers:

  • Post scheduling for multiple social media platforms

  • Performance tracking and reports

  • Tools for making content, like photo editing

  • Watching for industry news and trends

  • Team tools for working together

  • Connects with over 100 other apps

Good Points

  • Easy to use for all skill levels

  • Can be set up to fit your needs

  • Gives useful information to improve your social media

Not-So-Good Points

  • Can be expensive for small businesses or individuals

  • Some users say customer help could be better


Plan Cost What You Get
Professional $99/month 10 social accounts, scheduling, reports, content tools
Team $249/month 20 social accounts, team tools, better reports
Business Ask for price Big company features, extra security and support

Hootsuite is a useful tool for managing social media. It has many features and can be set up how you like. While it has some downsides, many businesses and people use it to handle their social media accounts.

6. Miro


Miro is a team-based online tool that uses a digital whiteboard for working together on projects. It helps with brainstorming, planning, and solving problems.


Miro offers:

  • Online sticky notes, markers, and shapes for sharing ideas

  • Ready-made templates for business plans, user stories, and more

  • Connects with other tools like Jira, Trello, Zoom, and Slack

  • Lets you add documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs to boards

  • Allows team talks through video calls or online chats

Good Points

  • Helps teams work together and come up with new ideas

  • Has many templates and connects with other tools

  • Can be used in different ways to fit team needs

Not-So-Good Points

  • New users might find it hard to use at first

  • Better features cost money, which might be too much for small teams


Miro has a free option and paid plans:

Plan Cost What You Get
Free $0 No limit on boards, 3 users, 100+ connections
Team $8/user/month No limits on boards or users, more connections
Business $16/user/month Everything in Team, plus custom branding
Enterprise Ask for price Special options for big companies

Miro is a good tool for teams that want to work together better using a digital whiteboard.

7. Filestage


Filestage is a tool for reviewing and approving content. It helps teams share, comment on, and approve digital files like images, videos, and documents.


Filestage offers:

  • Easy file sharing with drag-and-drop

  • Tools to speed up reviews and approvals

  • Real-time comments and feedback

  • Online tools for marking up files

  • Works with other tools like Asana, Trello, and Slack

  • File management (versions, comparisons, bulk uploads)

Good Points and Not-So-Good Points

Good Points Not-So-Good Points
Saves time on reviews Takes time to set up
Helps teams work better together Limited options to change how it looks
Works with many other tools
Keeps all feedback in one place


Filestage has different plans:

Plan Price What You Get
Free Trial $0 Try it out
Standard $120/month or $1,140/year Basic features
Professional More than Standard More features
Enterprise Ask for price Most features, extra help

Filestage helps teams work together on content. It's good for sharing files, getting feedback, and keeping track of approvals.

8. Animoto


Animoto is a tool for making videos. It's easy to use and lets you create videos for social media, marketing, and personal events.


Animoto offers:

  • Ready-made templates

  • Drag-and-drop tools

  • Stock photos, videos, and music

  • HD video making

  • Works with social media

  • Ways to change your video

  • Info on how your video does

Good Points

  • Good for making marketing and social media videos

  • Helps make videos look professional

  • Lets you add your logo and colors

Not-So-Good Points

  • Free plan puts Animoto logo on videos

  • Free plan has fewer options than paid plans


Plan Price What You Get
Free $0 Basic tools, Animoto logo on videos
Personal $9/month Basic tools, no Animoto logo
Professional $39/month Better quality videos, more music, more ways to change videos
Business $59/month All tools, team tools, extra help

Animoto makes it easy to create videos. It's good for small businesses and people who make content on their own.


9. Lumen5


Lumen5 is a tool for making videos. It helps businesses and people create good videos quickly and easily, even if they're not tech experts.


Lumen5 offers:

  • AI that turns blogs or scripts into videos

  • Many templates for different needs (social media, ads, etc.)

  • Lots of stock videos, images, and music

  • Moving text and graphics to make videos more interesting

  • Easy-to-use editor for making videos

Good and Not-So-Good Points

Good Points Not-So-Good Points
Easy to use Limited design options
Good templates AI might not always work perfectly
Lots of stock media


Plan Price What You Get
Free $0 Make videos with Lumen5 logo
Pro $47/month No Lumen5 logo, use stock media
Business $97/month Team use, your own branding, private media
Enterprise Ask for price Extra help, security, works with other tools

Lumen5 makes it simple to create videos. It's good for businesses and people who want to make videos without much fuss.

10. Buffer

Buffer is a tool that helps manage social media accounts.


Buffer offers:

  • Scheduling posts for different social media platforms

  • Making and planning content

  • Reports on how well your posts do

  • Easy-to-use design

Good Points

Buffer is simple to use and focuses on scheduling and reports. It doesn't have too many extras, which makes it easier for people to use.

Not-So-Good Points

Buffer doesn't have some big features that large companies might want. It's good for basic tasks but doesn't do things like tracking customer journeys or working with customer databases.


Buffer has different prices to fit different needs. It starts at $6 per month for each social media account.

Plan Price What You Get
Free $0 Use up to 3 social media accounts, plan 10 posts for each
Essentials $6/month per account Make your own schedules, use a calendar, get AI help
Team $12/month per account No limit on users, add more accounts for $10/month each
Agency $120/month for 10 accounts Good for marketing companies, add more accounts for $6/month each

Buffer is good for people and small businesses who want to manage their social media easily. It's simple to use and helps you plan posts and see how well they do.

11. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you track how well your social media efforts are doing. It shows you how people use your website and social media content, so you can make your strategy better.


Google Analytics offers:

  • Tracking website visitors

  • Measuring how people use your site

  • Tracking when people buy or sign up

  • Reports on social media traffic

Good Points

Good Points Description
Accurate tracking Gives reliable data on website use
Detailed reports Shows how social media is doing
Works with other tools Can be used with Google Ads and Google Tag Manager

Not-So-Good Points

Not-So-Good Points Description
Hard to learn Can be tough for new users
Limited social media tracking May not track all platforms


Google Analytics has two main options:

Plan Price What You Get
Free $0 Basic tracking and reports
Google Analytics 360 Ask for price More features for big companies

Google Analytics is a useful tool that can help you make your social media work better and improve your online presence.

12. Sprinklr


Sprinklr is a tool that helps businesses manage customer experiences across different digital channels like social media, websites, and more.


Sprinklr offers:

  • Service: Tools to help customer service teams work across different channels

  • Social: Tools to manage social media and get information from social interactions

  • Insights: Looks at data from many sources to help improve customer experience and marketing

Good and Not-So-Good Points

Good Points Not-So-Good Points
All-in-one platform Can be hard to learn
Uses AI to help with tasks May not fit all business needs
Good for keeping things organized


Sprinklr doesn't have set prices. You need to contact them to get a price for your business.

Sprinklr can help businesses handle customer interactions and learn from customer data. It's a big tool with many features, but it might take time to learn how to use it well.

13. ChatGPT


ChatGPT is an AI tool that helps make social media content. It can create ideas, posts, and campaigns for social media marketing.


ChatGPT can:

  • Make social media post ideas

  • Create polls and quizzes

  • Help translate content

  • Plan content calendars

  • Give ideas for marketing

Good and Not-So-Good Points

Good Points Not-So-Good Points
Helps make content faster May lack specific knowledge
Makes quizzes and polls Needs lots of data to work well
Helps with translations Might miss emotional details
Helps plan content


ChatGPT is free to use. It can work with other social media tools that may cost money.

ChatGPT can help with social media marketing by:

  • Giving ideas for posts

  • Making sample posts

  • Creating quizzes and polls

  • Helping with translations

  • Planning content calendars

It's a useful tool for businesses that want to make their social media work easier and better.

Quickads: Features and Strengths

Quickads is designed to revolutionize ad creation, particularly for faceless content creators. Leveraging AI, Quickads offers efficient, on-brand, and high-performing ad content. Here’s a detailed look at its features, strengths, and weaknesses:


  • AI-Based Ad Creation: Generate engaging ads using AI, based on winning concepts and brand language.

  • Template Library: Access a wide variety of templates tailored to different platforms and purposes.

  • Bulk Creation: Create multiple ads at once, saving time and ensuring consistency.

  • On-Brand Design: Maintain brand consistency across all ads with customizable templates.

  • Performance Tracking: Monitor the performance of your ads with built-in analytics tools.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use interface designed for users of all skill levels.

Good and Bad Points

When evaluating social media content tools, it's essential to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Here's a comparative analysis of some popular tools, including Quickads.

Tool Good Points Bad Points
Quickads - AI-driven ad creation - Heavy reliance on AI may not suit everyone
- Extensive template library - Limited features in the free version
- Time-efficient and cost-effective
- Excellent performance tracking
- On-brand customizable templates
Canva - Easy to use - Limited advanced design tools
- Many templates - Some tools hard to learn
- Work together in real-time - Mobile app text editing can be tricky
- Low cost
Adobe Creative Cloud - Many design tools - Costs more
- Pro-level tools - Harder to learn
- Apps work well together - Not as easy for beginners
- Works with many file types
Hootsuite - Manages many social media tasks - Costs more than some others
- Works with 100+ other tools - Might be too much for small businesses
- Good reports - Calendar view is limited
- Can approve content
Buffer - Simple to use - Fewer connections to other tools
- Low-cost options - Basic plans have less data
- Useful link-in-bio tool - No content ideas feature
- AI helps make content


We’ve reviewed several tools for creating social media content. Here’s a summary of what each tool excels at and where they might fall short:

Tool Good for Not as good for
Quickads Efficient, on-brand ad creation Users preferring manual control
Canva Beginners, small businesses Advanced design work
Adobe Creative Cloud Experienced designers, big companies Simple, quick designs
Hootsuite Comprehensive social media management Small teams needing simplicity
Buffer Simple, low-cost social media posting Advanced features

Picking the Right Tool

When selecting a tool, consider your needs, budget, and your team’s familiarity with the software:

  • For simple designs and posting: Canva and Buffer are great choices.

  • For managing all your social media: Hootsuite offers extensive features.

  • For professional design work: Adobe Creative Cloud is ideal.

  • For efficient ad creation: Quickads is the best tool, offering AI-driven, on-brand, and high-performance ads.


For detailed pricing of Quickads, visit the Quickads Pricing Page.

Plan Price Features
Basic $0/month Limited features
Pro $29/month Advanced features, more templates, and customization options
Business $79/month Team collaboration tools, priority support, and more
Enterprise Custom pricing Tailored solutions for large organizations


Which is the best tool for content creation?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer. The best tool depends on what you need and can afford. Here's a quick guide:

If you need Try this tool
Easy designs Canva
Pro-level design Adobe Creative Cloud
Social media management Hootsuite
Low-cost option Buffer
Efficient ad creation Quickads

When picking a tool, think about:

  • What you want to do

  • How much money you can spend

  • What your team knows how to use

For example:

  • If you’re new to design or run a small business, Canva is easy to use and affordable.

  • For big companies needing top-notch designs, Adobe Creative Cloud is better.

  • To handle all your social media in one place, Hootsuite is a good choice.

  • If you want to save money, Buffer offers basic features at a lower price.

  • For efficient, AI-driven ad creation, Quickads is the superior choice.

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