We take care of the hard stuff for you.

Campaign Structure. Forget campaign names, ad groups and ad sets, bidding, and the many ad formats.
QuickAds takes care of all of that for you in a tap.

Audience building. Plai makes it easy for you to create retargeting audiences across Facebook, Instagram, and Google.
You can also build lookalike audiences right within Plai. Furthermore, Plai recommends targeting options for you.

A/B testing. QuickAds will write your ad copy, generate images + videos and rotate them to find the best ad combination for you saving you dozens of hours.

Uncover insights buried in your analytics.

Analytics supported for insights.
Google Analytics, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Google Ads. We're always adding more insights and more platforms.

Why is this in QuickAds?
We're all about data-driven marketing. Empowering your team with just the right insights to make impactful decisions. And stay tuned - we're gearing up to integrate even more of your insights into your ad campaigns down the line!

Visualize All Your Posts in our interactive calendar

Expert Marketers share their “ads library” of what new, exciting, and trend setting ideas they see.

Gain insights into what's working for your competitors and adapt successful strategies to your own campaigns.


Having Confusions?

How does QuickAds simplify campaign management?

QuickAds takes care of the complexities of campaign structure, audience building, and A/B testing with just a tap. Say goodbye to managing campaign names, ad groups, ad sets, bidding, and various ad formats.

How does Plai help with audience building?

Plai makes it effortless to create retargeting audiences across Facebook, Instagram, and Google, and even offers the ability to build lookalike audiences within the platform. Additionally, Plai provides recommendations for targeting options to enhance your audience targeting strategies.

How does QuickAds save time with A/B testing?

QuickAds handles the entire A/B testing process by writing ad copy, generating images and videos, and rotating them to find the best-performing ad combinations. This saves users dozens of hours that would otherwise be spent on manual testing and optimization.

What insights can I uncover with QuickAds' analytics support?

 QuickAds simplifies the complexity of analytics platforms by providing answers to key questions such as where your customers are coming from and where you should allocate more resources. Supported analytics platforms include Google Analytics, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, and Google Ads, with more insights and platforms continually being added.