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June 24, 2024

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Here's a quick overview of the top AI motion graphics generators and how to use them effectively:

Tool Key Features Best For
Adobe Firefly Automated animations, image generation Designers, marketers
Poly 3D modeling, interactive designs Animators, game designers
Rokoko Video Video-to-3D animation, motion capture Budget-conscious creators
Eleven Labs Text-to-speech, voice cloning Game developers, audiobook creators
DiffusAE In-After Effects AI image generation Video editors
Deep Motion Motion capture, body tracking 3D animators
RADiCAL Video-to-3D animation, real-time tracking Game designers, animators
Audio2face Facial animation from audio Character animators
Midjourney Text-to-image generation Visual artists
DALL-E Image generation and editing Video editors, designers

To get the best results:

  • Integrate AI tools into your existing workflow
  • Combine AI generators with other software for enhanced capabilities
  • Use AI for repetitive tasks to focus on creative aspects
  • Always review and refine AI-generated content

The future of AI motion graphics tools includes real-time rendering, AI-driven storyboarding, and more realistic visuals, potentially revolutionizing the field of motion design.

What Are AI Motion Graphics Generators?

AI motion graphics generators are tools that use artificial intelligence to make animations and videos. They help creators make good-looking visuals quickly and easily.

These tools work by:

  • Using machine learning to understand and process data
  • Making graphics based on what users input (like text, pictures, or videos)
  • Learning from lots of data to make complex animations

Here's a table showing the main features of AI motion graphics generators:

Feature Description
Automated animation Creates animations without manual work
Customizable templates Offers pre-made designs you can change
Tool integration Works with other design software
Real-time preview Shows results as you work
Collaboration Lets team members work together

While these tools are helpful, they're not perfect. They might have trouble with:

  • Complex or abstract ideas
  • Making outputs that don't need more editing

In the next part, we'll look at some top AI motion graphics generators like Adobe Firefly and Poly.

1. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is an AI tool that helps make motion graphics. It's easy to use and works well with other Adobe programs.

What It Can Do

Adobe Firefly uses AI to:

  • Make animations automatically
  • Create images from text
  • Design layouts on its own

Works with Other Adobe Tools

You can use Adobe Firefly with:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Adobe Express

This lets you do more with your designs.

Ways to Change Your Work

With Adobe Firefly, you can:

Feature What You Can Do
Colors Pick different color schemes
Fonts Choose different text styles
Effects Add various animation effects
Your Own Stuff Use your own images and videos

Adobe Firefly is good for designers, animators, and marketers who want to make motion graphics quickly and easily.

2. Poly


Poly is an AI tool that helps make motion graphics. It's good for creating 3D models, animations, and interactive designs without needing to know a lot about coding.

What Poly Can Do

Poly's AI can:

  • Make animations on its own
  • Turn 2D designs into 3D models
  • Help create interactive designs

Works with Other Tools

Poly works well with:

This means you can use Poly with tools you already know.

Ways to Change Your Work

With Poly, you can:

Feature What You Can Do
Templates Pick from many ready-made designs
Animation Styles Change how things move
Interactions Add ways for users to interact with your design


Poly has different plans to fit your needs:

Plan Who It's For
Free Try it out
Personal For individual use
Enterprise For big teams or companies

Poly is a good choice for people who want to make eye-catching motion graphics without knowing a lot about coding. It's easy to use and works with other design tools you might already have.

3. Rokoko Video

Rokoko Video

Rokoko Video is an AI tool that helps make animations from videos. It's free and easy to use, even if you don't have special equipment.

What It Can Do

Rokoko Video uses AI to:

  • Turn videos into 3D animations
  • Work with webcams or phone cameras
  • Make motion capture data from regular videos

Works with Other Tools

You can use Rokoko Video with:

  • Blender (a 3D software)
  • Other 3D programs

This lets you do more with your animations.

Ways to Change Your Work

With Rokoko Video, you can:

Feature What You Can Do
Foot Placement Fix where feet are in the animation
Animation Quality Make the movements look better
Export Options Save your work in different file types


Rokoko Video is free. This means:

  • You don't need to pay for the software
  • You don't need to buy expensive equipment
  • Anyone can try making animations

Rokoko Video is good for people who want to make animations without spending a lot of money. It's simple to use and can help you create good-looking animations from just a video.

4. Eleven Labs

Eleven Labs

Eleven Labs is an AI tool that makes computer voices sound like real people. It can create voices in over 30 languages, which is useful for video games, audiobooks, and chatbots.

What It Can Do

Eleven Labs uses AI to:

  • Turn text into speech that sounds natural
  • Copy a person's voice from a short audio clip
  • Make voices for different uses

Works with Other Tools

You can use Eleven Labs with:

  • Chatbots
  • Virtual assistants
  • Language translation apps

This helps make these tools sound more like real people when they talk.

Ways to Change Your Work

With Eleven Labs, you can change:

Feature What You Can Do
Gender Pick male or female voices
Age Choose young or old-sounding voices
Accent Select different ways of speaking
Accent Strength Make the accent stronger or weaker


Eleven Labs has different plans:

Plan What You Get
Free 10,000 characters per month
Paid More features and characters

Eleven Labs helps you make AI voices that sound real. This can make your projects more interesting for people to use.

5. DiffusAE


What It Can Do

DiffusAE is a tool that works with Adobe After Effects. It uses AI to make new images right inside After Effects. This means you don't need to use other online services to make AI images.

How It Works with Other Tools

DiffusAE fits well with Adobe After Effects. You can use it on your videos and change settings to make new looks. It works inside After Effects, so you don't need to use other programs.

Ways to Change Your Work

With DiffusAE, you can change:

Feature What You Can Do
Prompts Tell the AI what kind of image to make
Strength Choose how much the AI changes your image
Size and Resolution Pick how big and clear your image is
Seed Make different versions of the same idea


DiffusAE works on Windows and Mac computers. You can try it for free before you buy it. The website doesn't say how much it costs, but you can test it out first.

6. Deep Motion

Deep Motion

What It Does

Deep Motion is a tool that uses AI to make motion capture and body tracking easier. It helps create animations for digital characters quickly and accurately.

Main Features

Feature Description
Video to 3D Animation Turns regular videos into 3D animations
Real-time Body Tracking Tracks body movements as they happen
Text to 3D Animation Makes animations from written descriptions


Deep Motion offers:

  • A free trial to test the tool
  • Different paid plans for various needs

To get the latest prices, check the Deep Motion website.

This tool is useful for people who want to make 3D animations without complex equipment. It's good for both beginners and professionals in animation and game design.



What It Does

RADiCAL is a tool that uses AI to capture and analyze how people move. It can:

  • Turn videos into 3D animations
  • Track movement in real-time
  • Make 3D animations from written descriptions

Works with Other Tools

RADiCAL fits well with common 3D software like:

This means you can easily use RADiCAL's movement data in your projects.

Ways to Change Your Work

RADiCAL lets you:

Feature What You Can Do
Real-time Capture Record movement as it happens
Multiple People Track more than one person at a time
Cloud-based Work on your projects from anywhere


RADiCAL offers different plans:

Plan Who It's For
Free Personal use
Paid More features for bigger projects

To get exact prices, check RADiCAL's website.

RADiCAL is good for people who want to make 3D animations of human movement without needing special equipment. It's useful for both beginners and experts in animation and game design.


8. Audio2face


What It Does

Audio2face uses AI to make facial animations from sound. It can:

  • Create realistic face movements
  • Match lip movements to speech
  • Add emotions to character faces
  • Animate eyes and tongue

Works with Other Tools

Audio2face fits well with other software:

  • You can use it with your own character models
  • It can send animations to other programs in real-time

Ways to Change Your Work

You can adjust your animations:

Feature What You Can Do
Face Expressions Make them stronger or weaker
Lip Sync Make it more or less exact
Effects Add extra touches to your animation


Audio2face offers different options:

Plan Who It's For
Free For single users
Paid For bigger projects and teams

To find out exact prices, check the Audio2face website.

Audio2face is good for making face animations quickly from just sound. It's easy to use and works well with other tools you might already have.

9. Midjourney


What It Does

Midjourney is an AI tool that makes images from text. It uses two AI models:

  1. A language model to understand text
  2. A diffusion model to create images

This helps Midjourney make detailed pictures based on what you write.

How to Use It

You use Midjourney through Discord:

  • Join the Midjourney Discord server
  • Go to channels like "General" or "Newbie"
  • Type your text to make images

Ways to Change Your Images

You can adjust your images in Midjourney:

Feature What You Can Change
Style How the image looks
Size The width and height
Lighting How bright or dark it is

Midjourney also has rules for sharing and learning from others.


Midjourney offers different plans:

Plan Price What You Get
Free Trial $0 Try it out
Basic $10/month 200 minutes of GPU time
Standard $30/month More GPU time, unlimited slow image making

GPU time is how long the computer takes to make your images.

10. DALL-E


What It Does

DALL-E is an AI tool made by OpenAI that can:

  • Make new images from text descriptions
  • Change parts of existing images
  • Create different versions of an image

This helps video editors make their work look new and interesting.

How It Works with Other Tools

You can use DALL-E with video editing software to:

  • Bring in videos
  • Add special effects
  • Take still pictures from videos
  • Use DALL-E to change parts of images
  • Put the new images back into the video

This lets you make your videos look different and special.

Ways to Change Your Work

With DALL-E, you can adjust:

Feature What You Can Do
Image Length Make images last longer or shorter in the video
Image Place Choose where the image shows up in the video
Image Look Pick how the image looks

These changes help make your video flow well and look good.


DALL-E has different plans:

Plan What You Get
Free Trial Try it out at no cost
Paid Plans More time to make images

The paid plans cost different amounts. They give you more computer time to make images.

Using Tools with AI Motion Graphics Generators

To get the best results from AI motion graphics generators, it's important to know how to use them well with other tools. Here are some tips to help you:

Workflow Integration

When using AI motion graphics generators in your work:

  • Make your process faster: Use AI for tasks that take a lot of time, so you can focus on being creative.
  • Work with AI: Think of AI as a helper that can give you new ideas and styles.
  • Check the AI's work: Always look over what the AI makes to make sure it's good enough.

Tool Combination

Using AI motion graphics generators with other tools can help you do more. Here are some ways to mix tools:

AI Tool Other Tool What You Can Do
AI Graphics Generator Video Editor Make better-looking videos
AI Graphics Generator 3D Modeling Software Create detailed scenes and animations
AI Graphics Generator Color Grading Tool Make unique color styles

Tool Comparison

When picking an AI motion graphics generator, it's helpful to look at what each tool can do, how much it costs, and what computers it works with. Here's a table to help you choose:

Tool What It Does Cost Works On
Adobe Firefly Makes motion graphics, 3D models, and animations $20.99/month (basic), $31.49/month (pro) Windows, Mac, Adobe Creative Cloud
Poly Makes 3D models and animations on the web Free (basic), $25/month (pro) Any web browser
Rokoko Video Turns videos into animations, tracks movement $29/month (basic), $49/month (pro) Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android
Eleven Labs Makes videos, animations, and edits Ask for price, free trial Windows, Mac, Web
Deep Motion Creates motion graphics, animations, and edits videos $29/month (basic), $49/month (pro) Windows, Mac, Web
RADiCAL Makes 3D models, animations, and edits videos $29/month (basic), $49/month (pro) Windows, Mac, Web
Audio2face Makes face animations, matches lips to words $19/month (basic), $39/month (pro) Windows, Mac, Web
Midjourney Creates animations, edits videos, makes motion graphics $29/month (basic), $49/month (pro) Windows, Mac, Web
DALL-E Makes images and videos, creates animations Ask for price, free trial Windows, Mac, Web

This table shows what each AI tool can do, how much it costs, and what computers it works on. By looking at this, you can pick the tool that fits what you need and can afford.

Improving Workflow with AI and Extra Tools

To get better results from AI motion graphics generators, it's important to make your work process smoother. Here are some ways to do that:

Look at How You Work Now

Think about how you work right now:

  • What takes up most of your time?
  • Are there tasks you do over and over?
  • What slows you down?

Understanding these things can help you find ways to work better.

Let AI Do Repetitive Tasks

AI motion graphics tools can do many boring tasks for you, like:

  • Moving simple shapes
  • Making things follow a path

This gives you more time to think about the big picture and be creative.

Use Other Helpful Tools

Besides AI motion graphics tools, other software can help you work better:

Tool Type Examples How It Helps
Project Management Asana, Trello Organize tasks, work with others
Color Tools Adobe Color, Color Hunt Make colors match in your work

Make a Guide for Your Style

A style guide helps keep your work looking the same throughout. It can include:

  • Font choices
  • Color picks
  • How things should move

This saves time and stops mistakes before they happen.

Use Ready-Made Designs

Many AI motion graphics tools have designs you can start with and change. These can help you:

  • Start projects faster
  • Get ideas for your own work

What's Next for AI Motion Graphics Tools

AI motion graphics tools are getting better. Here's what we might see in the future:

Real-Time AI Rendering

Soon, AI might make motion graphics right away. This means:

  • Designers can see their work instantly
  • They can try new ideas quickly
  • Work gets done faster

AI-Driven Storyboarding

AI could help make storyboards from scripts. This would:

  • Save time for designers
  • Give ideas for how shots should look
  • Help plan visual effects

Better-Looking Visuals

AI tools might make very real-looking 3D models and effects. This could:

  • Make videos look more real
  • Let designers create new kinds of visuals
  • Help make more interesting videos

How Motion Design Might Change

As AI gets smarter, motion design tools will too. Here's what might happen:

Change What It Means
Tools learn from designers Software gets better at what you like
Faster work Designers can finish projects quicker
New kinds of designs AI might come up with new ideas

These changes could make motion design easier and more fun for everyone who uses it.


To get the best results from AI motion graphics tools, try using different tools together. Each tool, from Adobe Firefly to DALL-E, has its own special features that can help you work better and make cooler stuff.

Using AI can help you:

  • Work faster
  • Spend less time on boring tasks
  • Focus on coming up with new ideas

AI motion graphics tools are good for both new and experienced designers. They can help you make great-looking work without spending too much money.

The future of AI motion graphics tools looks good. We'll probably see new and better features as time goes on. These new things will change how people make motion graphics.

Here's a quick look at what might happen:

Change What it means for you
AI works in real-time See your work right away
AI helps with planning Get ideas for how your video should look
Better-looking graphics Make more realistic or interesting videos

Don't be scared to try AI motion graphics tools. The more you use them, the better you'll get. With some practice, you can do great things with these tools and get better at motion design.


What is the AI that can create motion graphics?

AI motion graphics generators are tools that use computer smarts to make moving pictures and videos. These tools can create animations and special effects without a person doing all the work. Here are some popular AI motion graphics tools:

Tool Name What It Does
Adobe Firefly Makes graphics and animations
Poly Creates 3D models and animations
Rokoko Video Turns videos into animations
Eleven Labs Makes computer voices sound real
DiffusAE Creates new images in After Effects
Deep Motion Helps with motion capture
RADiCAL Turns videos into 3D animations
Audio2face Makes face animations from sound
Midjourney Creates images from text
DALL-E Makes and changes images

Is there an AI tool for motion graphics?

Yes, there are many AI tools for motion graphics. Here are two examples:

Tool Name What It Does
Autodesk Maya Makes 3D models, animations, and special effects
Appy Pie's Animation Maker Turns text into animations

These tools help people who make videos and animations work faster and make better-looking stuff.

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