Marpipe Pricing for E-commerce Brands

March 18, 2024

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Choosing the right Marpipe pricing plan for your e-commerce brand is crucial to leveraging your online advertising effectively. Marpipe offers three main plans tailored to different stages of business growth:

  • Starter Free Plan: Ideal for new or small e-commerce stores, offering basic ad testing and unlimited AI-made product photos at no cost.
  • Growth Plan: Priced at $199/month, this plan supports growing businesses with advanced features like ad creation in 35 languages, detailed audience insights, and faster support.
  • Expert Custom Plan: Starting at $999/month, this plan is customized for large online retailers, providing extensive ad testing tools, a personal account manager, and tailored reports for in-depth insights.

Each plan is designed to match your business needs as you grow, helping you manage and optimize your ads with features like AI-powered product photos, multi-platform ad creation, and collaborative tools. The key is to assess your current size, future goals, and specific requirements such as team collaboration and ongoing support quality. Marpipe competes well against alternatives like Creatopy and by offering a balance of affordability, feature richness, and scalability for e-commerce brands.

Criteria for Comparison

When looking at Marpipe's pricing for e-commerce brands, consider these five main points:

1. Pricing and Value

How much you pay each month for Marpipe is key. But it's also about what you get for your money. With each plan, Marpipe offers more features and better tools.

Key questions:

  • What does each pricing level include?
  • Do these features meet what you need now and will need later?
  • Is the cost fair compared to other options?

2. Scalability and Growth Support

As your online store gets bigger, you'll need more from your ad tools. Make sure Marpipe can grow with you in both what it offers and how much it costs.

Key questions:

  • Can the plan handle your business getting bigger?
  • Are there limits on how much you can do with your plan as you grow?
  • Is it easy to move up to a higher plan if you need to?

3. Creative Testing and Optimization

Marpipe is great at testing ads and giving you data to make them better. This helps you know what works best.

Key questions:

  • Can you test different ad ideas well with the plan?
  • Can you quickly find out which ads do the best?
  • Can you use the data to make your ads better?

4. Team Collaboration Tools

For bigger brands, being able to work together on ads is a big help.

Key questions:

  • Does the plan make it easy for your team to work together and share things?
  • Do the tools fit what your team needs?

5. Ongoing Support Quality

Good support is important as your e-commerce brand grows.

Key questions:

  • Are the support people helpful and quick to respond?
  • How can you get help when you need it?
  • Does the support meet what you need?

Thinking about these five points will help you pick the best Marpipe plan for your e-commerce brand, based on how big your business is, what you're aiming for, and how you plan to grow. This way, you get the most value.

Comparison of Marpipe Pricing Plans

1. Starter Free Plan

  • Price: Free
  • Features:
    • Make as many AI product pictures as you want
    • Basic info on how your ads are doing
    • You can try out 2 different ad styles per campaign
  • Scalability:
    • This plan is a good start to see what Marpipe can do for you, especially if you're just beginning
    • It's really only for very small online shops because it limits how many ads you can run and how many changes you can make
  • Support:
    • Help is available through email
    • They usually get back to you in 1 business day
  • ROI Potential:
    • Since it's free, you can start seeing some benefits without spending money
    • But, you'll quickly find it's too basic if your business starts to grow

The Starter Free plan lets people who are just starting out or have a very small business try Marpipe without paying anything. You can make lots of product pictures using AI, which helps you avoid the cost and hassle of a photoshoot.

With this plan, you can only work on a couple of ad campaigns at a time, and you're limited in how many different ads you can try. This is fine for very small businesses or if you're just trying things out.

If you have a bigger business or want to do more with your ads, you'll find this plan doesn't do enough. But it's a good way to get to know how Marpipe works and see if it helps your ads perform better without any initial cost.

2. Growth Plan

  • Price: $199 per month

  • Features:

    • Make as many AI photos of your products as you like
    • Create ads in 35 different languages
    • Tools to help you test and improve your ads
    • Insights into who your audience is
    • Quicker help when you need it
  • Scalability:

    • Good for quickly growing your ad efforts
    • Lets you focus your ads on the right people
    • Gives you detailed info on how your ads are doing
    • You can get reports made just for you
    • Works well for online retailers that are getting bigger
  • Support:

    • Fast email help
    • Chat with us live during the day
    • We promise to get back to you in an hour
  • ROI Potential:

    • You could earn back 5 to 10 times what you spend on ads
    • You might see a 15-25% bump in sales
    • Reaching more people around the world can boost your sales
    • Testing ads quickly means you can find what works best and save money

The Growth plan is $199 a month and is a step up for e-commerce brands that are growing. It adds more useful features on top of the free plan but is still priced in a way that growing shops can afford.

You can create endless AI photos for your products, which means you can have professional-looking images without the cost of a photoshoot. Being able to make ads in 35 languages helps you sell to more people all over the world.

This plan also gives you better tools for testing your ads. You can try out different pictures, texts, and colors to see what works best. You'll get detailed reports on your audience, which helps you target your ads more effectively.

For growing online retailers, this plan makes it easier to manage more ads and campaigns. You can get very specific with who you target with your ads. Plus, getting custom reports means you always know how your ads are doing.

With the Growth plan, you get quicker help. We offer fast email support and live chat during work hours. We promise we'll respond within an hour.

This plan helps e-commerce brands grow their advertising and see better returns on what they spend. On average, businesses see a return of 5 to 10 times their ad spend, a 15-25% increase in sales, more sales from around the world, and lower costs by finding the best-performing ads faster.

3. Expert Custom Plan


The Expert Custom plan costs $999 a month. It's designed for big online stores that have a lot of ads running on different websites and in various countries.


With this plan, you get everything in the smaller plans, plus:

  • Make as many AI photos of your products as you need
  • Create ads for any type of media and all social platforms
  • Better ways to target and understand your audience
  • Tools to test lots of ad variations
  • Your own dashboard for reports
  • A dedicated person and priority help


This plan is perfect for big brands because:

  • It can handle a huge number of products and ads all over the world
  • Gives you deep insights with custom reports
  • Lets a lot of people work on projects together with good tools for managing work
  • You can test as many ad ideas as you want to keep improving
  • It can be tailored to what your business needs now and later


The Expert Custom plan comes with the best support:

  • Your own go-to person who knows your business
  • Quick help through email and chat
  • Special training and help to get started and keep improving
  • Direct contact with the experts behind the product

ROI Potential

With the top features of Marpipe, big brands can see big returns:

  • You might get back 10-20 times what you spend on ads
  • Sales could go up by 25-50%
  • Reach more people around the world with ads in different languages
  • Spend less money to get a customer because your ads are better
  • Save time and work smarter with tools that do things automatically

Pros and Cons

When we look at what Marpipe offers e-commerce brands in terms of pricing, it's helpful to see the good and bad points of each plan. This way, you can figure out what you're really getting for your money.

Plan Pros Cons
Starter Free - No cost to start
- Unlimited AI-made product photos
- Basic info on how your ads are doing
- Very few features
- Only 2 different ads per campaign
- Support only through email and slow
Growth - Good price for growing shops
- Quicker help available
- Better at testing ads
- Insights into who is seeing your ads
- Can make ads in many languages
- Might be pricey for very small shops
- Missing some advanced stuff
Expert Custom - You can tailor it to your needs
- Top-notch support and training
- Powerful tools for testing ads
- Your own report dashboard
- Works for any size of business
- Costs a lot each month
- Too much for simple needs

The Starter Free plan is a no-cost way to check out the basic tools Marpipe offers. However, it's pretty simple and not suited for more than basic ad tests. It's a good choice for initial experiments.

The Growth plan is just right for many online retailers that are getting bigger. You get more support, better data on your ads, and tools to make ads in different languages, which can help you reach more people. It's priced well for medium-sized businesses and offers a lot more than the free version.

The Expert Custom plan doesn't hold back, offering personalized support, endless ad testing, your own reports, and training. It's too much if you're just starting out but ideal for large brands looking to get the most out of their ad spending across all channels and languages. The cost is high, but the potential to make more money is there too.

In the end, think about what you need now and what you might need as you grow. Marpipe's different price levels let businesses of all sizes increase their advertising efforts as they expand, without breaking the bank.

Marpipe vs. Competitors

When you're looking for tools to help you with your online store's ads, Marpipe is a great choice because it's priced well and comes with lots of helpful features. But how does it stack up against other big names? Let's take a look at the main differences in what you get for your money.


Marpipe helps e-commerce brands by making ad creation, testing, and understanding ad performance easier. It starts at $49 a month.

Key features:

  • Makes product pictures using AI
  • Lets you try out different ad styles
  • Shows you how well your ads are doing
  • Lets your team work together on ads
  • Can make ads in many languages

Best for: Small to medium online stores that want one tool for making, testing, and keeping an eye on ads. It's a great deal because it does a lot without costing too much.


  • Easy to use
  • The price grows with your business
  • Supports many ad types and languages


  • Not as many customization options
  • Mainly for e-commerce, not other kinds of businesses


Creatopy is all about making ads and landing pages, starting at $39 a month.

Key features:

  • Easy-to-use design tool
  • Lots of templates you can change up
  • Tells you how your ads are doing

Best for: People who want to get creative with their ads and have lots of design options.


  • Very flexible design-wise
  • Good starting price


  • Doesn't do as much as Marpipe
  • Less AI help is for automating and making ad processes better, with prices that fit big companies.

Key features:

  • Makes ad management easier
  • Helps run campaigns
  • Custom reports on ad performance

Best for: Big online stores that need advanced tools for ads.


  • Powerful tools for big businesses
  • Very customizable


  • Really expensive
  • Too much for small stores

Comparison Table

Marpipe Creatopy
Price $49+/month $39+/month Custom enterprise pricing
Best For Small-medium ecommerce Creative flexibility Large retailers
Key Features AI product images, A/B testing, analytics Ad & landing page builders, templates Automation, custom analytics
Pros Intuitive, scales pricing, multi-language Customizable, affordable plans Robust enterprise tools
Cons Less customizable, ecommerce focus Less all-in-one features, less AI Very expensive, overkill for small biz

Marpipe is a top pick for online stores that want a lot of features without spending a ton of money. It offers more than simple design tools and is easier on the wallet compared to big, pricey enterprise solutions. For e-commerce brands looking for a good deal on ad tools, Marpipe is a strong option.


Real-World Applications

Here are some real examples of how e-commerce brands used Marpipe's different plans to make their ads better and see good results.

Starter Free Plan

A new jewelry brand called Shine On began selling their handmade necklaces and earrings online. They were just starting and wanted to try Marpipe without spending any money.

With the free Starter plan, Shine On created high-quality pictures of their products using AI and tried out a couple of Facebook ads for their latest collection. They quickly learned which pictures and texts got more people to visit their site and buy their products.

"Even though the free plan has some limits, it was a great way for us to try Marpipe without any cost," said the founder. "It helped us find the right customers."

Growth Plan

JoyLove, an online store that started small and grew, needed to handle more products and ads.

By moving to the Growth plan, JoyLove could now:

  • Make as many AI product images as they needed quickly
  • Try ads on different platforms like Instagram and Google
  • Get detailed reports on how people reacted to their ads

"The Growth plan let us do more with our ads and understand what leads to sales," the marketing director said. "And the faster support is really useful."

After switching plans, JoyLove saw their ad spending go up by 30% but their sales increased by 40%.

Expert Custom Plan

ModaBuys, a big fashion online store with customers worldwide, had trouble making and managing enough ads for different countries.

ModaBuys switched to the fully-custom Expert plan. This allowed them to:

  • Create as many AI product photos as needed
  • Make local ads for different regions
  • Let teams in each country tweak the messaging
  • Try out many ad variations
  • Look closely at performance and spending

"With the Expert plan, Marpipe meets our needs on a global level," said the CMO. "We can work together across teams to create ads that work well locally. It's made a big difference."

In the last quarter, ModaBuys grew its international sales by 20% thanks to better localized ads.

These real examples show that Marpipe's plans can really help e-commerce brands at different stages to improve their ads and sales. The right plan for each business depends on their specific needs as they grow.

FAQs on Marpipe Pricing

Here are some common questions and straightforward answers about how much Marpipe costs for e-commerce brands.

What's the cheapest Marpipe plan?

The Starter Free plan doesn't cost anything. It lets you make as many AI product pictures as you want and try out a couple of ad tests. But, it's pretty basic and best for very small or just-starting stores.

Which plans are good for growing online stores?

If your store is getting bigger, the Growth plan for $199 a month or the Scale plan for $499 a month could be a good fit. They offer more features like better ad testing, reports just for you, quicker help, and ways for your team to work together.

Is there a special plan for really big companies?

Yes, for big retailers, Marpipe has the Expert Enterprise plan with custom prices and features. This plan includes detailed analytics, top-tier support, custom setups, and a personal account manager.

Can I switch plans if my business changes size?

Yes, you can move to a different Marpipe plan any time to match your current needs. We make sure changing plans is easy.

Do I have to sign a long contract?

No, there's no need for a long-term contract. Marpipe plans are paid monthly, and you can stop anytime.

How can I pay for Marpipe?

We take all major credit cards, PayPal, wire transfers, and can also send invoices if you need. Just talk to our sales team to figure it out.

Are there discounts for nonprofits or schools?

Yes, Marpipe offers discounts for registered nonprofits and educational groups. Reach out to our sales team to learn more.

What extra features do the more expensive plans have?

The pricier plans come with benefits like faster support, custom reports, better tools for team work, support for more platforms, more languages, the ability to handle more volume, and customized solutions.

Is phone support available?

Right now, Marpipe doesn't offer phone support. We have email and live chat support ready to help quickly. For custom enterprise plans, we can set up phone calls.

These answers should give you a clearer picture of Marpipe's pricing. If you have more questions, just ask.


Marpipe has different price plans for e-commerce brands, no matter if you're just starting, growing, or already a big company. Here's what you need to know:

Starter plan is free and a good way for small shops to see what Marpipe can do. But, it's pretty basic and doesn't offer much help for growing your business.

Growth plan costs $199 a month and is great for stores that are getting bigger. It gives you quick help, lets you make ads in different languages, helps you understand your audience better, and improves how you test ads. This can help you sell more.

Expert Custom plan begins at $999 a month and is made just for you. It gives you detailed information, personal help, and everything you need if you're a big retailer. It's all about making sure your ads do really well, no matter where you're selling.

When choosing the right Marpipe plan, think about how big your store is now, what you want to achieve, if you need to work with others on your ads, and the kind of help you want. Look at the features we talked about to find what matches your needs.

For many e-commerce brands that are growing, the Growth plan is a good choice. It has a balance of tools, flexibility, and price. It helps digital marketers run bigger campaigns and get more for their money without spending too much.

No matter which plan you pick, Marpipe makes it easy to change your plan as your store changes. Think about how each plan can help your business now and later. With the right plan, Marpipe helps online stores make better ads, reach more people, and sell more products.

How does Marpipe work?

Marpipe is like a smart assistant for your ads. It tests different parts of your ads, like pictures, headlines, and colors, to see what works best. It mixes and matches these parts in many ways and then tells you which combinations are the most effective.

This means you can be sure about which parts of your ads are really making a difference. Marpipe keeps all this info in one spot, so you can use what you've learned for your next ads.

What does do? is a tool for big companies that helps them manage and improve their ads on social media. Here's what it does:

  • Campaign optimization - It automatically moves your ad budget around to get the best results.

  • Automated ads and workflows - It creates ads and handles tasks to save you time.

  • Custom analytics - It gives you detailed reports on how your ads are doing.

In short, makes it easier for large brands to run and improve their ads on social media by using data and automation. It's especially useful for businesses with big ad budgets.

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