Digital AI Tool: Boosting Ad Creation

March 20, 2024

Nitin is the CEO of with 20+ years of experience in the field of marketing and advertising. Previously, he was a partner at McKinsey & Co and MD at Accenture, where he has led 20+ marketing transformations.

Creating effective ads is a complex and time-consuming task, requiring a blend of creativity, technical skills, and consistent branding. Fortunately, digital AI tools are revolutionizing ad creation by automating the process, saving time, and enhancing ad performance. Here's what you need to know:

  • AI ad creation tools automate designing, writing, and testing, making ad creation more efficient.
  • Personalization and optimization are at the core, with AI analyzing data to tailor ads and improve their effectiveness.
  • Platforms like offer quick generation of diverse ad styles and actionable insights for optimization.
  • Benefits include significant time and cost savings, higher quality and consistency in ads, and improved campaign performance.
  • Getting started is straightforward: set campaign goals, upload brand assets, review AI recommendations, and track performance for continuous improvement.

In essence, AI ad creation tools are a game-changer, enabling businesses of all sizes to produce high-quality ads quickly and cost-effectively, driving better results with less effort.

The Need for Technical Skills and Creativity

To make ads that catch people's attention, you need to be good at things like graphic design, making videos, and writing creatively. Many businesses don't have these skills in their team and find it hard to make good visuals or words that make people want to buy. Hiring someone else to do this can also be too expensive for smaller teams.

Difficulty Maintaining Brand Consistency

When you're making lots of different ads for different campaigns, it's hard to make sure they all look and sound like they belong to the same brand. This can make the main message less clear and weaken the effect of the ads. Keeping everything consistent across different platforms is a big challenge.

The AI Solution: Automating Ad Creation

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools for ads are a big help in solving the problems of making ads by hand. These tools use smart algorithms and look at lots of data to make creating ads easier, make them perform better, and help businesses grow.

Efficient Automated Ad Generation

AI ad generators like can quickly make lots of personalized ad variations in different styles and languages.

  • The tools look at product info, what customers like, and design trends to make relevant ads fast.
  • This means less time spent on design and writing, saving a lot of effort.
  • They can handle many ad types, including pictures, videos, and slideshows.

This lets brands try out more ideas, make messages more personal, and get better results from their ads.

AI-Driven Recommendations for Optimization

Smart AI looks at past ad performance and what it knows about the audience to suggest ways to make ads work better.

  • It can tell which ads are doing well and suggest changes to improve others.
  • It figures out the best people to target and where to place ads for the best chance of success.
  • It gives tips on how to make ad content like pictures, captions, and calls-to-action more appealing.

Making changes based on these smart tips can lead to better results over time. - AI-Powered Ad Creation Platform makes ad creation easy with a smart AI helper.

  • Just upload product info and set your goals to get 100+ great ads quickly.
  • It gives you smart tips to help you sell more.
  • It works in 35 languages and with many ad types, making it great for reaching people all over the world.
  • Plans are priced to fit different budgets.

With AdCreative's AI, brands can get more from their ads and spend more time on other important stuff.

The Benefits of AI Ad Creation Tools

AI ad creation tools make the job of making ads much easier and more effective than doing everything by hand. They help save a lot of time and money, and they make sure ads look good and work well.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

AI tools take over the routine tasks like designing, writing, and the first round of testing. This means teams can spend more time thinking about the big picture.

  • Handles design, writing, and initial tests automatically
  • Lets you change tactics quickly based on what the data says
  • Frees up time to focus on big-picture strategies
  • Tools like can make over 100 different ad styles fast

This makes it possible to try out more ideas and fine-tune ads based on what works best.

Significant Cost and Time Savings

AI tools mean you don't need to hire specialists for designing or writing, cutting costs a lot.

  • Cuts down on the need for expensive experts
  • You don't have to be a pro in design
  • Reduces the money spent on outside help
  • Saves a lot of money on making ads

This makes it cheaper and easier for smaller teams to make quality ads.

Higher Quality and Consistency

AI keeps the look and feel of your ads consistent across different platforms while ensuring they're eye-catching.

  • Makes sure ads look great
  • Keeps your brand's look the same everywhere
  • Guarantees professional-looking ads
  • Tools like are great for top-notch product photos

This helps smaller brands look as good as the big ones, keeping their unique style.

Improved Campaign Performance

Ads made with AI tend to do better because they're more relevant and interesting to people.

  • Helps sell more by boosting conversion rates by about 14%
  • Lowers the cost for each conversion by more than 30%
  • Keeps making ads better based on what works
  • users often see a big jump in clicks in the first month

By being able to test more ideas and improve ads based on results, you can get more out of your ad budget over time.


Getting Started with AI Ad Creation

Starting with AI ad creation tools like is a straightforward process to make quality ads that fit your campaign goals and target audience. Here's a simple guide to get going:

1. Determine Campaign Goals and Settings

  • Decide what you want to achieve with your ads, like more clicks, sales, or people seeing your ad.
  • Set how long the campaign will run, how much you want to spend daily, and who should see your ads based on location, age, etc.
  • Choose where your ads should show up - like on Google, Facebook, or Instagram.

Setting clear goals and rules helps the AI know what kind of ads to suggest that are likely to do well.

2. Upload Creative Assets and Brand Guidelines

  • Upload your logo, pictures of your products, your brand colors, and fonts.
  • If you have specific ways you like to talk about your brand, share that too.
  • Tell the AI the type of ads you prefer, like square ads or stories.

Giving the AI your brand stuff helps make sure the ads it creates look and feel like your brand.

3. Review and Customize the AI Recommendations

  • Look through the ad ideas the AI comes up with and pick the ones that fit best.
  • See which ads might work best based on the AI's predictions.
  • Make any changes to the ads you picked to make them just right.

Picking and tweaking the AI's ad ideas lets you quickly make ads that are just what you're looking for.

4. Track Performance and Iterate

  • Keep an eye on how your ads are doing with the tool's built-in way to see the results.
  • Find out which ads are helping you hit your goals.
  • Use what you learn to tell the AI how to make even better ads next time.

Watching how your ads perform and adjusting based on what you learn helps you get better results over time.


AI tools for making ads are really changing the game by making things faster, smarter, and easier for everyone involved.

  • Save over 75% of your time and money by not having to hire expensive experts or spend ages making ads yourself. These tools do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.
  • Make 10 times more ads quickly. Instead of coming up with one ad at a time, you can create over 100 different ads in one go that fit your brand and message.
  • Get better results with ads that are more likely to get people interested. On average, ads made with these tools can increase sales or actions by 14% because they're better at grabbing attention.

In short, AI ad creators help businesses big and small make better ads without all the hassle. They cut down on the need for big teams or deep pockets, let you make lots of ads fast, and help those ads do a better job of reaching the right people.

What is the best AI tool for ad creation?

Narrato is a top choice for making ad copy. It has special templates for ads on different platforms like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and classified sites. This means the ads you make will really speak to the people you're trying to reach on each site.

Can AI create advertising?

Yes, AI tools like Omneky can quickly make lots of personalized ads. It uses information from past ads and what it knows about people to make new ads better. This way, you can make sure each ad is just right for different groups of people.

Which AI tool is used to create marketing content?

Jasper is a go-to AI for making all kinds of marketing stuff like blog posts, social media updates, articles, emails, and more. It's really good at writing longer blog posts, but you can use it for lots of other things too.

Which AI is best for content creation? is great for people who make content, especially if you need to write stuff for social media. It can help you come up with posts, but it's also good for writing blogs, emails, web pages, and more. It's all about making content that grabs people's attention.

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