Canva Free Trial 45 Days: Ad Creation Simplified

March 14, 2024

Nitin is the CEO of with 20+ years of experience in the field of marketing and advertising. Previously, he was a partner at McKinsey & Co and MD at Accenture, where he has led 20+ marketing transformations.

Unlock the full potential of ad creation with Canva's 45-day free trial, designed to simplify your design process, whether you're a seasoned designer or a novice. Here's a quick overview of what you'll gain access to:

  • Access to over 75 million assets including photos, graphics, and templates.
  • Customizable brand kits for consistent branding across all ads.
  • Real-time collaboration tools for efficient teamwork.
  • Advanced design and scheduling features to streamline your creative process.

This trial offers a comprehensive glimpse into how Canva Pro can elevate your advertising efforts with user-friendly tools and a vast library of resources. Remember to sign up with an affiliate link for an extended trial and explore the simple cancellation process if you decide it's not for you. Dive into the world of hassle-free ad creation with Canva Pro and discover how it can make your design work easier and more effective.

Limited Design Expertise

Most people who run small businesses or handle marketing aren't trained designers. This means they might end up making ads that don't look professional or eye-catching. It's hard to make ads that really stand out if you don't know much about design.

Inconsistent Branding

It's tricky to keep your brand looking the same across all your ads while also trying to make each one unique. Without easy-to-use tools that help you use your logo, colors, and fonts the same way every time, your brand might not look consistent. This can make your audience confused.

Finding the Right Assets

Looking for the right pictures, videos, and graphics to use in your ads takes a lot of time and can be pretty hard if you're not a designer. It's mostly guessing to figure out which images will connect best with the people you're trying to reach.

The Canva 45-day free trial gives you simple tools to make awesome ads that fit your brand perfectly. With a huge library of over 75 million pictures and graphics, you won't have to worry about finding the right images. You can also make sure all your ads look consistent with customizable brand kits. Plus, if you're not sure where to start, Canva's smart features can help make your ads look great with just a few clicks.

With Canva, you can focus more on planning your strategy and less on the nitty-gritty of making ads. The 45-day free trial is plenty of time to check out all the features Canva offers to help make ad creation a breeze.

Canva Pro Benefits for Ad Creation

Canva Pro makes it easy to create ads even if you're not a designer. Let's look at how it solves some common ad-making problems.

User-Friendly Interface

Canva's simple drag-and-drop tool and lots of ready-to-use templates make designing ads a breeze.

  • Canva's easy drag-and-drop tool means anyone can make good-looking ads without needing to know a lot about design
  • With over 420,000 templates for things like social media, web banners, and flyers, you have plenty of options
  • Templates help you start with a basic design, but you can change them to make your ad your own
  • It's easy to adjust the size and order of pictures and text, so making changes is simple
  • Even if you're new to this, you'll learn how to make great ads quickly

Brand Kit for Consistency

Canva lets you save your brand's colors, fonts, and logos so all your ads look the same.

  • You can save your brand's specific colors, fonts, and logos to use again and again
  • This helps keep your ads looking consistent, which is good for your brand
  • Making new ads that match your brand is easy and quick
  • You can have different sets for various projects or clients
  • This saves you the hassle of having to pick the right fonts and colors every time you make an ad

Asset Library Access

Canva Pro gives you a huge library of photos, graphics, and videos to make your ads look better without needing to edit a lot.

  • Access to over 75 million high-quality images, graphics, and videos
  • You can use these in your ads without having to say where they came from
  • There are lots of options perfect for social media ads, web banners, and more
  • You don't have to spend time adjusting images to fit your ad; Canva has it covered
  • This is much easier than searching the internet for free pictures that you can use

Canva Pro's simple design tools, easy brand consistency, and big library of creative assets make it quick to create quality ads, no matter your skill level. The 45-day free trial is a great chance to try out everything Canva offers to make ad making simpler.

Signing up for the 45-Day Free Trial


To get started with the Canva Pro 45-day free trial, you'll need:

  • A working email address
  • A credit or debit card

Don't worry, you won't be charged during the first 45 days. But, you do need to give your payment info when you sign up.

Important: Remember to cancel before the 45 days are up if you decide Canva Pro isn't for you. If you don't, you'll be charged for a subscription once the trial ends.

You can get the full 45-day free trial by signing up with links from:

  • Diana Munoz
  • Don Skolar

These special links give you an extra 15 days over the usual 30-day trial.

Cancellation Process

To not get charged after your 45-day free trial ends:

  • Head to your Canva account settings
  • Find your Pro membership
  • Click on "Cancel membership"
  • Make sure to confirm your cancellation

Just make sure you do this before the trial's 45th day to avoid any charges.

Making Ads Simple with Canva Pro

Canva Pro makes it super easy to design ads that look great. Here's a quick guide on using Canva's features like the brand kit, templates, and huge library of images to make ad design a piece of cake.

Setting Up Your Brand Kit

With Canva's brand kit, you can keep your ads looking consistent. Here's how:

  1. Click on "Brands" then "Create new brand"
  2. Upload your logo or pick an icon
  3. Choose your main brand colors
  4. Pick your fonts
  5. Add styles for your text, like for headings and body text
  6. Hit "Save brand kit"

Now, you can make all your designs match with just a click.

Picking the Right Templates

Canva Pro offers tons of templates for anything you might need - from social media posts to flyers.

To start:

  1. Click on "Templates"
  2. Look through categories like "Facebook Ads" or "Instagram Stories"
  3. Choose a template that fits what you're trying to do
  4. Click "Use template" to make it your own

Feel free to mix things up by combining different template elements. You can even save your edits as new templates.

Using Images and Graphics

Canva Pro gives you access to over 75 million high-quality photos and graphics.

To add some flair to your ads:

  • Search for pictures or graphics in Canva's library
  • Drag and drop them onto your design
  • Use the photo editor for tweaks like filters and cropping
  • Add icons to highlight important points
  • Make sure everything fits your brand's style

Canva's tools and resources make ad design straightforward, whether you're working in a marketing agency, running a small business, or handling marketing for a startup. The 45-day free trial is a great way to see how Canva Pro can streamline your design process!


Tips for Making the Most of Your Free Trial

Getting the most out of the Canva Pro 45-day free trial means you can really dig into what the platform can do for your ad designs. Here are some straightforward tips to help you explore everything Canva has to offer:

Check Out Everything

Canva Pro has a ton of stuff to use, like over 75 million pictures and 420,000 templates. Make sure to:

  • Look around areas you might not visit often, like animations or charts
  • Go through all the templates to see what might work for future projects
  • Try out tools like Magic Resize to see how they work on different kinds of images

Even just a quick look at all the tools gives you a better idea of what you can do with Canva.

Watch How-To Videos

Canva has lots of easy-to-follow videos that teach you cool design tricks. These can help you with:

  • Keeping your brand's look consistent using colors, logos, and fonts
  • Editing photos to make them look better
  • Making parts of your design move
  • Working on designs with your team at the same time

Learning from these videos can help you get better and faster at making designs.

Get Ready for Upcoming Projects

One of the best things about Canva Pro is being able to get ready for future marketing stuff. With full access, you can:

  • Make drafts for social media posts, web banners, and other creative things
  • Put together a collection of images that fit your brand
  • Make your own templates for things you use a lot

Thinking about what you want to do next helps you really test out what Canva Pro can do. This way, when it's time to start those projects, you're all set to go.

Using the 45-day free trial to fully check out Canva Pro for your ad design needs is smart. Following these tips makes sure you use this time well, so you can decide if you want to keep using it after the trial.

Continue with Canva Pro

After the 45-day free trial, sticking with Canva Pro makes a lot of sense if you're serious about making ads and designs. Their paid plans are worth a look because of all the helpful tools and features you get.

Pricing Plans

Canva Pro has two main types of plans:

  • Annual Plan - $9.99/month billed yearly
    This plan costs $119.88 for the whole year, which saves you about 17% compared to paying every month.
  • Monthly Plan - $12.99/month
    This plan lets you pay as you go, month by month.

Both options give you full access to everything Canva Pro has to offer, like:

  • A brand kit to make sure your designs are always on-brand
  • A huge library of over 75 million premium photos, graphics, and videos
  • More than 420,000 templates to start your designs
  • Tools to work together with your team
  • Magic Resize for easy image resizing
  • A tool to remove backgrounds from pictures
  • A way to publish directly to social media
  • 100GB of cloud storage for your designs

Going with the annual plan is more budget-friendly if you plan to use Canva for a long time. It saves money compared to hiring freelance designers and helps make your work process smoother.

For bigger teams or marketing agencies, Canva Pro for Teams offers extra features like being able to manage your team better and more control over your brand, starting at $18.99 per month when billed yearly.


Canva Pro makes it super easy for people who aren't designers to create ads. Here's what stands out:

User-Friendly Interface

The simple drag-and-drop system and a big collection of templates mean anyone can make good-looking ads without needing to be a pro.

Brand Management Capabilities

Keep your ads looking the same with easy-to-use brand kits. This means you can use the same colors, fonts, and logos every time.

Asset Library Access

Pick from more than 75 million awesome photos, graphics, and videos to make your ads pop.

The 45-day free trial lets you try all of Canva Pro's tools. This way, you can see for yourself how it helps make creating ads a lot easier.

We suggest giving the free trial a go to check out how Canva Pro can make designing ads simpler. The tools are straightforward and help anyone create great ads that fit with their brand.

Sign up now to try Canva's features for 45 days with no strings attached. It's a great chance to make your ad-making process better and more efficient.

How does Canva Pro free trial work?

The Canva Pro free trial lets you try all its Pro features for 30 days without paying. You need to give your credit card details to start, but they won't charge you during the trial. You can cancel anytime before the 30 days end to avoid charges. If you decide to keep Canva Pro, it'll cost you $12.99 a month or $119.88 for the whole year.

What is the key downside of using free Canva?

Using the free version of Canva has some limits, like:

  • Not as many templates or design choices
  • You can only download your designs as JPG or PNG files
  • It's harder to move stuff around between designs
  • Canva owns the rights to anything you make with the free version

Paying for Canva Pro gives you more options and freedom.

Can I use Canva free templates for commercial use?

Yes, you can use Canva's designs, whether free or paid, to sell things like posters, mugs, shirts, and more. You're also allowed to sell Canva-made digital products like e-books or presentations.

How do I get full version of Canva for free?

If you're a student or teacher, you can get Canva Pro for free by confirming your school email. This deal gives you all the Pro tools and features for free as long as you're studying or working at a school.

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