Ad Car Design for Non-Technical Marketers

March 26, 2024

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Creating compelling car ads isn't just for design experts or tech-savvy marketers anymore. With tools like Quickads, anyone can design eye-catching car advertisements that tell a story, showcase the car's features, and build a strong brand identity. Here's a quick overview of what you need to know:

  • The Importance of Car Ads: They shape consumer perceptions and drive sales.
  • Challenges for Non-Technical Marketers: Design and tech skills are traditionally required but can be bypassed with AI tools.
  • Quickads - An AI-Powered Ad Platform: Makes it easy to create professional-looking ads without prior expertise.
  • Crafting Compelling Ads: Focus on storytelling, showcase key features, and maintain consistent branding.
  • Designing Your First Car Ad: Choose the right template, customize design elements, craft catchy text, and preview before exporting.
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid: Overemphasizing specs over emotions, inconsistent branding, and unrealistic promises.

With Quickads, even non-technical marketers can create ads that resonate with potential buyers by focusing on emotional connections rather than just technical details. Remember, good ads make people feel something about the car, not just know its specifications.

The Challenges of Ad Design for Non-Technical Marketers

  • Making ads that look great needs special skills like knowing how to take good photos or do graphic design, which not everyone has.

  • Figuring out what to say in the ad that will make people interested can be tricky without knowing a lot about cars or what people want.

  • Making ads that fit different goals and show up right on places like social media or websites can be extra hard if you're not used to it.

Introducing Quickads - An AI-Powered Ad Platform

Quickads is a tool that uses AI to make it super easy to create car ads, even if you're not a pro. Here's what it can do:

  • Use AI to come up with designs and words for your car ads that match what you need.

  • Automatically take great photos of cars using AI.

  • Help you make ads that fit all kinds of campaigns and places where ads show up, like social media or online banners.

  • Give teams tools to work together easily and make lots of car ads without a hassle.

With Quickads, making professional-looking car ads is quick and straightforward, thanks to AI doing the heavy lifting.

Crafting Compelling Car Ads

The Importance of Storytelling

Good car ads are all about making people feel something, not just throwing numbers and facts at them. When people buy cars, they're often looking for something that feels right, not just something that makes sense on paper. If an ad can tell a story that matches what the buyer dreams about, like the freedom of hitting the open road, it connects much deeper.

Showcasing the Car and Key Features

Even though stories are great, you still need to show off the car. It's important to highlight the parts of the car that make it special, like how it looks or what it can do. For instance, a luxury car ad might focus on how elegant the car is inside and out, while an ad for a rugged SUV might show it driving through tough terrain. Showing these features in a clear way helps people see why this car is the one they should want.

Building Brand Identity Connections

Making sure your ads feel like they belong to your brand is key. Using the same colors, slogans, or music in your ads can help people remember your brand better. For example, if every BMW ad talks about the car being the "Ultimate Driving Machine," it reinforces what BMW stands for. Keeping a consistent brand image helps make your ads stick in people's minds better.

Step-by-Step Guide to Designing Your First Car Ad

Choosing the Right Car Ad Template

When you're ready to make your first car ad with Quickads, picking the right starting point is crucial. Here's how to do it:

  • Think about what you want your ad to achieve. Are you showing off a new car, announcing a sale, or something else? Choose a template that fits your goal.

  • Look through the templates and find one that feels like it matches your brand's vibe.

  • If you're focused on getting results, look for templates labeled as "highest-converting". These are designed to get people to act.

  • Use the search feature to find templates that are right for the type of ad you're making, like for social media or website banners.

After picking your template, you can change it up to make it your own.

Customizing the Ad Design Elements

Making the template reflect your brand is straightforward in Quickads:

  • Add your logo by uploading it. You can move and resize it as needed.

  • Change the colors to match your brand by using your specific color codes.

  • Upload pictures of your cars or any lifestyle images you want to include.

  • The text tool lets you pick different fonts and sizes to make sure it looks just right.

Quickads gives you all the tools you need to tweak your chosen template so it perfectly represents your brand.

Crafting The Ad Headline and Body Copy

Writing good ad text is easy with Quickads' AI helper. Just tell it what you need:

  • Choose a style for your message, like fun, serious, or straightforward.

  • Decide what your main message or action you want people to take, such as "Learn More" or "Buy Now".

  • Mention any special features you want to highlight about the car.

Quickads will then give you several options for headlines and main text. Pick the one that fits best!

Previewing and Exporting Your Completed Ad

Always check how your ad looks before you finish:

  • The platform preview lets you see your ad as it would appear on different social media or websites.

  • With the size preview, you can make sure your ad looks good in all sizes.

  • Send a preview link to others for their thoughts before making your final decision.

When you're happy with everything, download your ad in the format you need, like PNG, JPG, or PDF.

And there you go - you've just made your first car ad with Quickads, all by yourself!


Common Car Ad Design Mistakes to Avoid

Emphasizing Facts Over Feelings

When making car ads, it's easy to just talk about the car's specs like how big the engine is or how much gas it saves. But what really gets people interested is how the car makes them feel.

Instead of just listing features, show how fun it is to drive the car or how it can be part of great family adventures. Focus on the experiences and memories people can have with the car. Let them imagine being in the driver's seat.

The technical details are still important, but they shouldn't be the main thing. They should help support the story you're telling.

Inconsistent Branding

It's important that your ads look like they belong to your brand. If your ads look different from each other, people might not realize they're all from the same company.

Make sure to use the same colors, styles, and logos in all your ads. This helps people recognize your brand easily. If your ads match up, it makes your brand stronger and more memorable.

Unrealistic Expectations

Don't make promises about the car that aren't true. If you say the car is the best in the world but it's not, people will be disappointed.

Talk about what's really good about the car without exaggerating. Be honest about what the car can do. This builds trust with your customers. They're more likely to stick with a brand that's honest about what it offers.


Nowadays, tools like Quickads make it super easy for anyone to put together awesome car ads, even if you're not a tech wizard. These tools have everything you need, like ready-to-use templates and smart editing features, to help you make ads that look professional and grab attention.

Key Takeaways

  • Focus on telling a story with your ads. Let people picture themselves enjoying the car, instead of just listing all the technical details.
  • Make sure all your ads look like they belong together. Use the same colors, fonts, and logos so people can tell right away they're from your brand.
  • Use platforms like Quickads that have templates and AI to help you easily create ads that look like they were made by a pro, even if you're new to this.
  • Check how your ads look on different devices and in different sizes to make sure they're just right before you share them.

By keeping things simple and focusing on what makes people love cars, anyone can create great car ads with a little help from tools like Quickads. Remember to keep your branding consistent, use the tools available to make your job easier, and always aim to connect with people on an emotional level.

How do you make a good classified car ad?

When you're putting up a car for sale in a classified ad, make sure to:

  • Give all the important details like the car's brand, model, year it was made, how far it's driven, and its condition. Be honest if there are any problems.
  • Clearly mention how much you want for the car, without adding extra fees later.
  • Explain why you're selling it, like if you're getting a new car.
  • Talk about the car's gas mileage and any cool features it has.

These steps help you create a clear and trustworthy ad that can attract buyers.

How to make a car advertisement?

For a solid car ad, you should:

  • Describe the car well, including its make, model, year, how much it's been driven, and its features.
  • Be upfront about the price.
  • Say why you're selling the car.
  • Include details on fuel efficiency.
  • Use good photos that show both the outside and inside of the car.

Doing this gives buyers all the info they need and makes your car stand out.

How do I get into car advertising?

To advertise using your car, you need:

  • A good driving record with no big problems recently.
  • A newer car that looks good and is well taken care of.
  • To drive often in places where lots of people will see the ad.
  • To have your car insured and registered.

If you meet these requirements, your car can be used for ads, like wraps or signs.

What are the different types of advertising vehicles?

Different ways to advertise with vehicles include:

  • Vehicle wraps - These are big stickers that cover your car with ads.
  • Detachable signs and magnets - Signs you can put on and take off your car.
  • Interior screens - Screens inside taxis or rideshare cars that show ads.
  • Aerial banners - Big banners flown behind planes or helicopters.

These options let you choose the best way to advertise based on your budget and the type of campaign you're running.

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