Explore AI-Driven Video Solutions for Businesses: Invideo, Quickads, Veed.io

June 27, 2024

Nitin is the CEO of quickads.ai with 20+ years of experience in the field of marketing and advertising. Previously, he was a partner at McKinsey & Co and MD at Accenture, where he has led 20+ marketing transformations.

Looking for AI-powered video tools to boost your business marketing? Here's a quick overview of three top options:

Tool Main Focus Key Benefit Pricing
Invideo Video creation Easy-to-use templates Free trial, paid plans
Quickads Ad creation Quick ad production Starts at $9/month
Veed.io Video editing Online editing tools Starts at $12/month

These tools offer:

  • Time-saving video production
  • Professional-looking results
  • Improved audience reach

Key features across platforms include:

Choose based on your specific needs, budget, and desired features. Each tool has strengths and limitations, so consider what's most important for your video marketing strategy.

1. Invideo


Invideo is an AI-powered tool that helps businesses make good videos quickly. It's easy to use, even if you're not a tech expert.


Invideo offers:

  • Many ready-to-use video templates
  • AI tools for writing scripts and turning text into videos
  • Easy drag-and-drop video editing
  • Tools for team members to work together
  • Access to many stock images and videos

Video Quality

Invideo makes high-quality videos:

Resolution Aspect Ratios
HD 16:9
4K 4:3

These options work well for social media, YouTube, and other video sites.


Invideo has different plans:

Plan Best For
Free Trying out features
Business More tools and help
Unlimited Advanced features and support

Working with Other Tools

Invideo connects with:

This makes it easy to find images and share videos.

In short, Invideo is a good choice for businesses that want to make good videos without much fuss. It's simple to use, makes high-quality videos, and offers different pricing options.

2. Quickads


Quickads is an AI tool that helps businesses make ads quickly and easily. It's good for making ads that catch people's attention.


Quickads offers:

  • AI that makes ads for you
  • Works with many different ad platforms
  • AI that takes product photos
  • Tools for teams to work together
  • Uses your company's logos, fonts, and colors

Output Quality

Quickads makes good ads fast. You can make ads in over 30 languages and in many different sizes and styles.


Quickads has different prices for different needs:

Plan Price Best For
Starter $9/month New and small businesses
Small Business $29/month Growing businesses and online stores
Agency $99/month Ad agencies that make ads for other companies

How It Works With Other Tools

Quickads mostly works on its own to make ads. It doesn't connect directly with other tools, but it can make ads that work on many different websites and social media platforms.

In short, Quickads is good for businesses that want to make good ads quickly. It uses AI to help make ads, works with many different platforms, and has tools for teams to work together. It's useful for all kinds of businesses, from small ones to big ad agencies.


3. Veed.io


Veed.io is an online video editing tool that helps businesses make good videos. It's easy to use and has many helpful features.


Veed.io offers:

  • Simple interface anyone can use
  • Many editing tools (transitions, animations, subtitles, stickers)
  • Works with different video file types
  • AI that writes out what people say in videos
  • Adds subtitles automatically
  • Changes spoken words to over 100 languages

Output Quality

Veed.io makes good videos for:

  • Social media
  • Marketing
  • Training

The editing tools and AI help make videos look professional.


Veed.io has different prices for different needs:

Plan Price Best For
Basic $12/month Small businesses and solo creators
Pro $24/month Bigger businesses and content makers
Business $70/month Large companies

How It Works With Other Tools

Veed.io can be used on its own or with other tools. You can send your videos straight to social media or video sites from Veed.io.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Let's look at what's good and not so good about Invideo, Quickads, and Veed.io:


Strengths Weaknesses
Many templates and easy to use Slow customer help
Good editing tools with AI help No free option
Lots of pictures and effects Sometimes slow or unstable
Different price options


We don't have enough info about Quickads to say what's good or bad about it.


Strengths Weaknesses
Easy to use for beginners Not many advanced tools
Many editing tools Needs internet to work
Works with different video types Sometimes slow to upload videos
AI helps with subtitles and languages
Prices start low

Here's a quick look at how they compare:

Tool Good Things Not So Good Things
Invideo Lots of templates, good editing Slow help, no free plan
Quickads Not enough info Not enough info
Veed.io Easy to use, AI features Needs internet, fewer pro tools

Each tool has its own good and bad points. Think about what you need most when choosing one for your business.


This article looked at three AI video tools for businesses: Invideo, Quickads, and Veed.io. We compared their features, good points, and not-so-good points.

Here's a quick look at each tool:

Tool Good Points Not-So-Good Points
Invideo Many templates, good editing Slow help, no free plan
Quickads Not enough info Not enough info
Veed.io Easy to use, AI helps with subtitles Needs internet, fewer pro tools

Invideo has many templates and good editing tools, but its customer help is slow and it doesn't have a free plan. We don't know much about Quickads. Veed.io is easy to use and has AI that helps with subtitles, but it needs internet to work and doesn't have as many pro tools.

To pick the right tool for your business:

  • Think about what you need most
  • Look at the features each tool offers
  • Check the prices
  • Consider the limits of each tool

By using one of these AI video tools, you can:

  • Make videos faster
  • Improve your video quality
  • Reach more people with your message

Choose the tool that fits your needs best to help your business grow with better videos.


Is VEED.IO free to use?

VEED.IO has a free trial, but no fully free version. Here's what you need to know:

Free Trial Paid Plans
Try features Full access
Limited time No time limit
No cost Monthly fee

Is InVideo free to use?

InVideo offers a free plan with some limits:

Free Plan Paid Plans
Basic editing Full features
Watermarked videos No watermarks
Try out tools Export without limits

To use all features and remove watermarks, you'll need a paid plan.

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