AdResults: Enhancing Brand Personalization

March 21, 2024

Nitin is the CEO of with 20+ years of experience in the field of marketing and advertising. Previously, he was a partner at McKinsey & Co and MD at Accenture, where he has led 20+ marketing transformations.

In today's market, personalizing your brand experience for each customer is crucial. AdResults uses AI to streamline this process, making it easier for brands to connect on a personal level without needing deep tech skills. Here's a quick overview:

  • Unified Customer Data: AdResults collects and organizes all your customer information in one place.
  • AI-Powered Segmentation: It groups customers based on their preferences and behaviors.
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization: Creates personalized ads for different customer segments.
  • Omnichannel Activation & Measurement: Shares ads across various platforms and measures their performance.

Whether you're creating ads, managing campaigns, or analyzing results, AdResults simplifies personalization at every step. Ready to make your marketing more personal? Start with AdResults.

Limited Design and Copywriting Skills

  • Most brands don't have the people they need to make good-looking ads that also talk directly to what their customers want.
  • It's hard to create ads that catch the eye and convince people at the same time.

Ineffective Ad Copy

  • Ads that say the same old thing don't grab people's attention.
  • To write ads that really speak to someone, you need to know a lot about what they like, which is something many brands struggle with.

Cross-Channel Consistency Issues

  • It's tough to keep your messages and style the same across websites, social media, emails, and more.
  • This can make your brand look all over the place, which confuses customers.

Getting past these problems means really understanding your customers and being able to make lots of customized ads without getting bogged down in the details. AdResults helps brands do just this. It uses smart tech to put all your customer info in one place and make unique ads for different groups of people. This way, brands can give customers the personal touch they're looking for, without having to be tech experts.

How AdResults Makes Brand Personalization Easy

AdResults is like a smart assistant that helps you talk to your customers in a way that feels special to them. It takes all the info you have about your customers, figures out what makes each person tick, and then creates ads just for them. Let's break down how it does this:

All Your Customer Info in One Place

First off, AdResults pulls together all the bits and pieces of customer data you have - things like their age, what they've bought before, how they interact with your website, and if they open your emails. This means you get a complete picture of each customer in one spot.

Smart Grouping of Your Customers

Then, AdResults uses smart tech to group your customers based on what they like or need. For instance, you might have:

  • Young folks who love green products
  • Parents looking for toys and games

This helps you know exactly who you're talking to with your ads.

Ads Made Just for Them

Next, you tell AdResults what kind of ads you want to make (like pictures, videos, or slideshows) and the vibe you're going for. AdResults then creates these ads for you, making sure they speak directly to each group of customers.

Always Getting Better

As your ads are out there doing their thing, AdResults keeps an eye on how well they're working and tweaks things as needed. This means your ads get better and better at talking to your customers over time.

In short, AdResults helps you overcome the tricky parts of making your brand feel personal to each customer. It gathers all your customer info, figures out what they like, and then helps you create ads that feel like they're just for them. And it keeps improving everything along the way. This makes it easier for brands to connect with their customers in a meaningful way, even as what customers expect keeps changing.

AdResults Product Walkthrough and Demo

AdResults makes it easy to create ads that talk directly to your customers, even if you're not a big marketing expert. Let's go over how it works step by step.

Getting Started

First up, you need to connect all the places where you keep info about your customers, like your CRM (customer relationship management system), email platform, and social media accounts, to AdResults. This helps AdResults get a clear picture of who your customers are.

Then, you decide what kinds of ads you want to run and where you want them to show up. For example:

  • Image ads on Facebook
  • Video ads on YouTube
  • Carousel ads on Instagram

Creating Ad Creatives

Now, you get to create your ads!

AdResults has a simple tool that lets you pick colors, fonts, and more so your ads look just right. You can make different kinds of ads like images, stories, and videos.

Here's a quick video that shows you how to use the AdResults ad maker.

Some key features include:

  • AI-generated content: Automatically make ads that fit your brand and talk directly to your audience.

  • Built-in collaboration: Your team can work on ads together, leaving comments and managing tasks right in the tool.

  • Asset management: Keep all your logos, images, and templates organized in one place.

  • Design templates: Start with professional designs for all kinds of ads and tweak them to make them yours.

Personalizing Your Ads

This is the really cool part. AdResults uses the customer info you've connected to make different versions of your ads for different groups of people.

For instance, you might have:

  • Ads that focus on being green for customers who care about the environment
  • Ads showing toys and games for parents

AdResults does all the hard work to make sure your ads speak directly to what your customers care about.

Reviewing Performance

After your ads are out there, you can check how they're doing in AdResults. You'll see things like:

  • Which ads are getting the most clicks from different groups
  • Which creatives are working best
  • How customers are interacting with your ads over time

This info helps you figure out which ads work best for each group and keep making them better. With AdResults, you're always improving your ads, making them more effective as time goes on.

Customer Success Stories

AdResults has helped lots of different businesses do better by making their ads and messages feel more personal. Here are some stories about companies that used AdResults to get great results:

[Fashion Ecommerce Brand] Gets 5X ROAS with Personalized Social Ads

A big online fashion shop wasn't making enough money from their ads on Facebook and Instagram. They used AdResults to figure out their customers' main interests and made lots of special ads for each group.

The results:

  • 5X more money made from ads
  • 15% more people clicking on ads
  • People spent more money on average

By showing the right ads to the right people, [Fashion Brand] made their ads much more effective.

[Cosmetics Startup] Boosts Email CTRs by 25% with Segmented Campaigns

A growing cosmetics company wanted more people to open and click on their emails. They used AdResults to:

  • Split their email list by what people liked, such as organic or vegan products
  • Make emails that spoke directly to each group's interests

The outcomes:

  • 25% more clicks on emails
  • 3X more visits to their website
  • More sales from emails

With emails that really spoke to each person, [Cosmetics Startup] got more people to buy their products.

[Digital Marketing Agency] White Labels AdResults to Offer Personalized Ad Services

A big digital marketing agency wanted to give their small business clients something extra. They gave them access to AdResults so they could:

  • Use a tool to make ads easily
  • Create ads that felt personal to customers
  • Manage their ad campaigns better
  • Use professional-looking templates and pictures

The results

  • 10-15% more clients stayed with them
  • Earned more by offering extra services
  • Built stronger relationships with clients

By using AdResults, [Agency] could make personalized ads for lots of customers, helping their clients keep customers interested.


AdResults Platform Overview

AdResults uses AI to make it super easy for businesses to talk to their customers in a personal way. It pulls together all sorts of info about each customer to help figure out the best way to reach them.

Unified Customer Data

AdResults takes in info from:

  • CRM systems (where businesses keep track of their customers)
  • Email marketing tools
  • Social media numbers
  • Website visits
  • Even offline stuff

Then, it mixes all this together to get a full picture of each customer by looking at:

  • Who they are
  • What they've bought
  • How they use the website
  • Emails they open
  • How they interact on social media

AI-Powered Segmentation

With all this info, AdResults groups customers into buckets based on what they like, how often they buy, how they like to shop, and how valuable they are. This helps businesses know exactly who they're talking to.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

For each group, AdResults creates ads just for them, including:

  • Messages that hit the spot
  • Pictures or videos that grab their attention
  • Calls-to-action that make sense for them

It keeps testing different versions to see what works best and learns over time to get even better.

Omnichannel Activation & Measurement

Then, AdResults shares these personalized ads across different places like:

  • Online ads
  • Social media
  • Emails
  • Websites
  • Mobile apps

It also keeps track of how well these ads are doing across all these places to help make things even better next time.

In short, AdResults uses smart tech to help brands talk to their customers in a more personal way across different channels. It's all about making sure customers get messages that feel right for them, which can help businesses do better.

Getting Started With AdResults

AdResults helps businesses make their marketing more personal, no matter where they're talking to their customers. Here's how to get going:

Sign Up for a Free Trial

AdResults lets you try their service for 14 days without paying. During this trial, you can use all the cool features like:

  • Sorting your customers into groups using AI
  • Making ads automatically
  • Sending your ads out through different ways like social media or emails
  • Checking how well your ads are doing

To sign up:

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in your info like name, email, and what your company does
  3. Confirm your account

And just like that, you're ready to start!

Integrate Your Data Sources

Now, hook up AdResults to where you keep your customer info, such as your:

  • CRM system
  • Email marketing tools
  • Website visitor info
  • Social media profiles

This lets AdResults get to know your customers better, so it can create ads that really speak to them.

Create Your First Campaign

Time to set up your first ad campaign. Here's what to do:

  1. Pick what you want the campaign to achieve (like more website visits or sales)
  2. Choose who you want to see your ads
  3. Decide on your budget and how long you want the campaign to run
  4. Select the types of ads you want to use and where they'll show up

AdResults will then whip up ads that are just right for your audience.

Review the Analytics

While your ads are running, check back in with AdResults to see how they're doing. You'll get to see:

  • Which ads are hitting the mark
  • Tests on different ad versions
  • How people are interacting with your ads

This info will help you make your ads even better.

Expand to More Channels

Once you've got a handle on your basic ad channels, start using AdResults for other things like:

  • Making your website change for different visitors
  • Sending emails that are more personal
  • Push notifications that are just for certain customers

This way, you can talk to your customers in a way that feels special, no matter how you're reaching out.

Ready to give it a shot? Sign up for AdResults and start making your marketing more personal.

Are 76% of consumers more likely to buy from brands that personalize?

Yes, research by McKinsey shows that 76% of people are more likely to buy something from brands that make their experience personal. This means when a brand pays attention to what you like and shows you things that match your interests, you're more likely to buy from them.

Do 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions?

Yes, according to the same research, 71% of people expect brands to know them well enough to offer personalized stuff. And when this doesn't happen, 76% of them feel annoyed. This shows that most people really value it when companies make an effort to understand and cater to their personal tastes.

Do 76% of consumers get frustrated by businesses who do not offer personalized experiences?

Exactly. The research found that 76% of people get upset when brands don't provide personalized experiences. This means if a brand isn't paying attention to what you like, it's not just missing out on sales but also risking its relationship with you.

What is enhanced personalization?

Enhanced personalization, or hyper-personalization, is about using all the info and data available to make your experience with a brand super tailored and connected across different ways you interact with them. Like, if a store knows what you've been checking out online, they can suggest similar things you might like when you visit them in person. This kind of deep customization makes everything feel more relevant and connected for you.

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