Comparing QuickAds and InVideo: Which AI Video Tool Reigns Supreme?

June 30, 2024

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Are you tired of the limitations of current AI video tools, like lack of thumbnails and inflexible editors? has been a go-to in the video creation industry, but its recent focus on faceless YouTube content creators has left a gap. QuickAds is here to fill that gap with cutting-edge features and unmatched flexibility. has long been a staple in the video creation industry, known for its stability and popularity. However, with the rapid advancements in AI technology,'s recent offerings seem to be targeted at a narrower segment of faceless content creators on YouTube. This shift, along with the limitations of many AI video tools, including lack of thumbnails, inflexible editors, and generic outputs, has created a gap that QuickAds aims to fill.

Category Feature QuickAds
Content Strategy / Ideas Viral Ideas No Yes (weekly updated millions of ads)
Free Search Ads Library Yes Yes, with unique AI models to categorize performance by industry and country
Content Creation Stock Inputs Premium 100M+ Images, 40M-60+ Videos Premium 135M+ Images, 59M+ Videos, AI image to create unique images
Prompt ONLY Prompt to video, Customizes script based on the audience segment Prompt or product website link or description, with three flexible options
AI Voice Limited Widest collection of latest voices from OpenAI & 11Labs, 1-click conversion to international languages
Music No fadeover, limiting the 'professional feel' AI fadeover to lower the music when AI voice finishes
Thumbnail No, asks to go to other tools and pay for them Yes, creates stunning thumbnails with captions and titles auto-inserted
AI & Music Scene Transitions & Time None or limited flexibility 1-click change to dozens of well-performing transitions
Process Speed Good Fast, with additional features such as 15 1-click video variations and auto-publishing new videos for agency users
Process & Output Output Quality Good, well-suited for tutorials and slow explainers Excellent, designed for both slow and fast videos, with unique features to mix images with videos and a 'burst' mode

QuickAds: An AI-First Approach to Video Creation

QuickAds has emerged as a powerful contender in the realm of AI-driven video creation tools. Unlike, QuickAds is designed for effortless video creation across multiple platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Here's how QuickAds outperforms

Content Strategy and Ideas

When it comes to content strategy and ideas, does not offer features like viral ideas generation. In contrast, QuickAds excels by providing users with weekly updated viral ideas from millions of ads. This feature ensures that content creators can stay ahead of trends and continuously engage their audience. Additionally, both tools offer free search ads libraries. However, QuickAds takes it a step further by integrating unique AI models that categorize ads by performance, industry, and country, providing a more targeted and effective approach to ad creation.

Content Creation

In the realm of content creation, offers access to a substantial library of over 100 million premium images and 40-60 million videos. It also includes a basic prompt-to-video feature that customizes scripts based on audience segments. QuickAds, on the other hand, boasts an even larger library of 135 million premium images and 59 million videos. It also includes an AI feature that allows users to generate unique images from prompts. When it comes to script flexibility, QuickAds provides three options: keeping the script intact, modifying it slightly, or completely reimagining it, catering to different creative needs.

QuickAds’ AI functions

AI Voice and Music

In terms of AI voice capabilities, offers limited but good-quality options. QuickAds surpasses this with the widest collection of the latest voices from OpenAI and 11Labs. It also supports one-click conversion to multiple international languages such as Thai, Spanish, and French, enhancing its global reach. Music integration is another area where QuickAds excels. While lacks fadeover features, limiting the professional feel of videos, QuickAds incorporates AI-driven music fadeovers that lower the music when AI voice finishes, providing a polished and seamless audio experience.

QuickAds offer variable AI voices with abundant tags

InVideo only have 5 voices without any description

Thumbnails and Scene Transitions

A notable drawback of is its lack of thumbnail creation, requiring users to resort to external tools at additional costs. QuickAds addresses this by automatically generating stunning thumbnails with captions and titles, saving time and ensuring consistency. Additionally, QuickAds offers one-click scene transitions, providing access to dozens of well-performing transitions, whereas's scene transition capabilities are either non-existent or limited in flexibility.

QuickAds’ transition offerings

Process Speed and Output Quality

When comparing process speeds, QuickAds proves to be faster and more efficient. It includes features such as 15 one-click video variations and the ability for agency users to auto-publish new videos directly to their email or platforms. This efficiency significantly enhances productivity and allows for rapid testing and iteration. Regarding output quality, produces good results, particularly suited for tutorials and slow explainers. However, InVideo’s outcome can be long and redundant, with many scenes cut off. In contrast, QuickAds delivers excellent output quality, catering to both slow and fast videos. Its unique features, such as mixing images with videos and a "burst" mode for rapid image transitions within a scene, make it ideal for capturing and retaining audience attention.

QuickAds’ sneakers example outcome

Invideo’s sneakers example outcome

QuickAds’ Multi-platform Preview

User’s comment

Danny from Miami said: “As a marketer who has used both InVideo and QuickAds, I find InVideo's content redundant and its AI-generated videos awkward. It's inconvenient for one-click ad creation and lacks flexibility as an editor. QuickAds, however, meets both needs perfectly. I can quickly make minor adjustments to export a professional ad or make extensive changes with its high flexibility.”


While remains a reliable and popular tool, QuickAds' AI-first approach, extensive feature set, and superior output quality make it a standout choice for dynamic and engaging content creation. Whether you're aiming to create fast-paced videos for TikTok or detailed explainer videos for YouTube, QuickAds offers the flexibility and innovation needed to captivate your audience. If you're ready to take your content to the next level, QuickAds is the way to go!

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