Creative Market Free Trial: A Comprehensive Guide

March 23, 2024

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If you're diving into the world of digital design and need resources, the Creative Market Free Trial offers a golden opportunity to explore over 5 million creative assets without committing financially. Here's what you need to know in a nutshell:

  • Creative Market: An online marketplace for digital design assets like fonts, graphics, and website themes.
  • Free Trial: Offers new users 7 days to explore and download up to 10 premium products for free.
  • Benefits: Access thousands of high-quality resources, test the platform's capabilities, and use downloads for commercial projects.
  • Limitations: The trial lasts only 7 days, customer service support is not available, and downloads are limited to 10 items with watermarks.
  • Eligibility: Available to new users who haven't previously signed up or used the Creative Market free trial.
  • Post-Trial: To continue using resources, a subscription purchase is necessary.

This trial is an excellent way for startups and small businesses to enhance their marketing efforts with professional-grade design assets at no initial cost.

The Significance of Creative Market

Creative Market is important because it has a huge selection of creative items made by experts from all over the world. It's a go-to place for anyone needing creative stuff, making it easier to find exactly what you need for your project.

Introducing the Creative Market Free Trial

Creative Market gives new users a chance to try it out for free for 7 days. During this trial, you can:

  • Look through and download up to 10 free products
  • Check out things you have to pay for, but with a watermark (so you know it's just for trying out)
  • See if the stuff you're interested in works well for what you need it for

The trial has some limits, like only being able to download a certain number of things and seeing watermarks, but it's a great way to see if Creative Market has what you're looking for.

Understanding Creative Market as a Platform

Marketplace for Premium Digital Assets

Creative Market is a place where people who make things like fonts, graphics, and website themes can sell them. It's like a big online shop for creative stuff.

  • It has over 5 million things made by folks from all over the world.
  • You can find stuff for making websites, ads, presentations, and more.
  • Some of the most popular things include fonts, graphics, and themes for websites.

Connecting Designers and Buyers Globally

Creative Market helps people who make creative things set up a shop and sell to people all over the world.

For people looking to buy, it's a treasure chest of unique creative goods.

  • It's used by millions of buyers.
  • It's easy for sellers to start selling.
  • It has stuff you can't find anywhere else.
  • It's a great place for people who make things to get noticed and sell their work.

Supporting Various Industries and Use Cases

Creative Market is used by all kinds of people like marketers, small business owners, and app developers. They use it for:

  • Making websites look good
  • Creating ads
  • Designing stuff to sell
  • Building apps
  • Making packaging
  • Putting together presentations

It helps with lots of projects, from making a website to creating ads. With so many options and ways to use the stuff you buy, Creative Market helps everyone from beginners to pros make their projects come to life.

What Does the Creative Market Free Trial Offer?

The Creative Market free trial lets new users check out the platform for 7 days. This means you can see and download lots of cool stuff like fonts, pictures, and designs for free before deciding if you want to pay for more.

Access to All Premium Products

With the free trial, you can look at and download any fancy digital product from the site. This includes:

  • All the items on Creative Market, like cool fonts, graphic packs, website themes, and more.
  • You can download as much as you want during the 7-day trial.

This is great because you can really use these items in your projects to see if they fit what you need.

Downloading Resources for Commercial Projects

You can use the stuff you download for real work projects, like making a website for a client or designing business cards.

  • Anything you download can be used for work stuff.
  • For example, if you find a font you like, you can use it for a project and then decide if you want to buy it after the trial.

This way, you can try things out in real situations to see if they work for your business.

Testing Full Platform Capabilities

The trial also lets you see how easy it is to find, look at, and manage digital design items on Creative Market.

During the 7-day trial, you can:

  • Look through everything Creative Market has to offer.
  • Check out details and previews of items.
  • See information about licenses.
  • Download items with a watermark to try them out.
  • Organize your downloads.
  • Explore special deals.

This helps you figure out if Creative Market has the right tools and items for your projects.

How to Start Your Creative Market Free Trial

Who Can Try It Out

The Creative Market free trial is just for people who've never used Creative Market before. Here's what you need:

  • You should be new to Creative Market, without any old accounts.
  • You'll have to give your name, email, and a password to make a new account.

If you've used Creative Market before, you can't get the free trial again.

What You Need to Sign Up

To sign up for the free trial, you'll need to:

  • Provide your name
  • Use a real email address
  • Choose a password

You also have to put in credit card information when you sign up, but don't worry, you won't be charged during the 7-day trial. This step is just to check your account and let you download stuff without paying right away. You'll only be charged if you decide to buy something after the trial.

Getting Started with the Free Trial

Once you've signed up and put in your details, your 7-day free trial starts right away. Now you can:

  • Look for and download cool digital products like:
    • Fonts
    • Graphics
    • Website themes and templates
    • Presentation templates
    • Mockups
    • Icons

Just pick what you want to try, hit the download button, and start using it. Remember, anything you download will have a watermark during the trial.

During these 7 days, you can download up to 10 premium items to see how they work for your projects.

Benefits of the Creative Market Free Trial

The Creative Market's free 7-day trial is really handy for anyone wanting to check out cool design stuff without spending money right away. Here's a look at the main perks.

Access to Thousands of Premium Resources

The trial lets you dive into a huge pool of fancy design things like fonts, pictures, website looks, and even 3D stuff, all for free.

  • Get your hands on over 5 million fancy design items including fonts, graphics, and website themes
  • Download up to 10 free things without those annoying watermarks during the trial
  • Use what you download for real work stuff, like making things for clients or jazzing up your presentations

This means you can really beef up your design toolbox and make your projects pop.

Evaluating Relevance and Quality Before Purchase

You can take a good look at what Creative Market offers and decide if it's right for you before you think about paying.

  • Check out details about what you're downloading to see if it fits your needs
  • Peek at what's popular and what other people think about items
  • Download samples with watermarks to try them out in your own work

This way, you won't be left guessing if Creative Market's stuff is any good for you.

Enhancing Marketing Efforts for Startups and SMEs

Small businesses and startups can grab free downloads like social media templates and logo files to make their marketing look top-notch.

  • Find templates for social media, ads, flyers, and more
  • Use cool graphics, fonts, and pictures to make your brand stand out
  • Quickly put together a website that looks professional with ready-to-use themes and templates

This helps small businesses look great without spending a ton of money on design.

Limitations to Consider

Even though the free trial is super useful, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind.

7-Day Trial Period Restriction

The free trial is only good for 7 days. If you want to keep using the cool stuff you found or download more, you'll have to pay for a Creative Market plan.

  • The trial ends 7 days after you sign up
  • Once it ends, you can't download or preview stuff for free anymore
  • To keep your downloads or get new ones, you'll need to choose a paid plan
  • Use the trial period to decide if paying for Creative Market is worth it for you

No Customer Service Support

If you're using the free trial, you can't talk to customer service through live chat, phone calls, or support tickets. This help is only for people who pay.

  • During the trial, you can't use:
    • Live chat
    • Phone support
    • Support tickets
  • Full customer service is for paid members only
  • If you think you'll need help often, you might want a paid plan
  • For help during the trial, check out FAQs or the community forum

Limited Download Allowance

During the trial, you can only download a certain number of items. This limit can change based on where you live and what kind of plan you pick after the trial.

  • You can download up to 10 items during the trial
  • The number of downloads you get might change because of:
    • Where you live - some places have smaller limits
    • The plan you choose later - bigger plans let you download more
  • For unlimited downloads, you'll need an unlimited plan
  • Look at the plan details to see if the download limits work for you

Browsing Top Selling Products

During your free trial, it's a good idea to look through Creative Market's most popular products. This helps you find cool stuff that lots of people like and might work for your projects.

  • Look at the best sellers in different areas like graphics, templates, fonts, and more.
  • You can see what's been selling well recently or over a longer time.
  • Check out the ratings and how many times something's been bought to see if it's good.
  • You can also preview items to make sure they're what you need before you download them.

Checking out the top sellers can help you quickly find good quality items that fit your project.

Leveraging Search Tools and Filters

Creative Market has great search tools to help you find exactly what you're looking for during your trial.

  • Use the search bar to find things by typing in what you need.
  • You can narrow your search by things like what the item works with, the type of file, style, theme, and color.
  • These filters help you find the perfect fonts, graphics, and templates fast.
  • You can save searches you like for later.

Using these search tools means you can easily find special items to try out.

Exploring Shop Collections and Bundles

During your trial, also take a look at collections and bundles from top sellers.

  • Collections show all the items from one designer.
  • Bundles are groups of items that go well together, like fonts and graphics, and they're usually cheaper than buying things separately.
  • Looking at collections and bundles can help you find lots of items that match, quickly.
  • They're great for when you're working on a big project and want everything to look good together.

Checking out collections and bundles is a smart way to find a bunch of items that work well for your project, and it can save you money too.

Complementing Marketing Efforts with Creative Market

Creative Market is a go-to for top-notch design stuff that can really make your marketing shine. Whether it's for social media or emails, the right visuals can grab people's attention and get them interested.

Enhancing Social Media Visuals

Social media loves visuals that pop. Creative Market has:

  • Packs full of icons, pictures, and illustrations that can make your posts, stories, and ads look great
  • Templates for mockups to show off products or flyers in a sleek way
  • Collections of themed graphics for holidays and special events
  • Ready-to-use templates for different social media posts

These visuals help make your social media content stand out, get people talking, and show off your brand in the best light.

Leveling Up Email Marketing

Creative Market also has stuff for emails like:

  • Email templates that are easy to customize and look professional
  • Cool header images
  • Icons and graphics to highlight important info
  • Fonts and colors that match your brand

These tools help you make emails that people actually want to read and interact with.

Personalizing Creatives

You can also make's AI-made creatives even better by:

  • Adding your own fonts, graphics, and visuals from Creative Market for a unique look
  • Using matching templates and backgrounds that fit your brand
  • Changing the colors to match your brand's style

This helps you create personalized marketing that really speaks to your audience and fits your brand perfectly.

With Creative Market's resources, it's easy to boost your ads, social media, websites, emails, and more. This helps your brand look cohesive, engages your audience, and can lead to better marketing success.

Creative Market Free Trial: Pros and Cons Comparison

Pros Cons
Access to lots of professional design stuff Only 7 days to try it out
See if you like the quality before buying No help from customer service
Helps with making your marketing look good You can only download 10 things
Makes social media and emails look better

The Creative Market free trial lets you check out over 5 million things like cool fonts, graphics, and templates you can use for your work, all for free for 7 days. This means you can really see if what Creative Market offers is what you need before you decide to pay for more.


  • You get to explore a huge collection of design resources, including fonts, graphics, website themes, and more
  • You can download 10 things for free to use in your work
  • It's a good way to test if Creative Market's stuff is right for your design and marketing needs
  • You can use these resources to make your social media, emails, and websites look professional
  • It's especially helpful for small businesses that need design resources without spending a lot


  • The free trial is only for 7 days
  • You can't get help from customer service during the trial
  • You're limited to downloading only 10 things, and this might change based on where you live
  • You need to pay after the trial to keep using resources
  • Everything you download during the trial will have a watermark

The Creative Market free trial is a handy way to see if the platform has what you need before you buy. During the 7 days, you can look at top sellers, use search tools, and check out collections to find the perfect fonts, templates, and graphics for your projects.

While there are some limits, the trial gives you a chance to access professional resources and see their quality. This can be really useful for small businesses and startups that want to make their marketing and design look better. With so many products available, most people will likely find something useful for their social media, websites, or presentations during their trial.


Key Takeaways:

  • Creative Market is a place where people who make things like fonts and pictures can sell them to others.
  • The free trial lets you use all the fancy stuff for 7 days without paying.
  • The big plus is you get to check out and use thousands of cool things.
  • It's really helpful for making your business look good online.
  • But, remember the trial ends after 7 days, and there are some rules about what you can do.

Creative Market gives you a chance to look at and try out lots of different fonts, graphics, and other digital products for free for a week.

Key Advantages

  • You can see everything Creative Market has for 7 days without paying.
  • You can pick up to 10 things like fonts or pictures to use for your work.
  • It lets you see if you like the stuff before you buy it.
  • If you're starting a business, it's a great way to make your ads and website look nicer.
  • It's also good for people who make things to find new ideas and tools.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • The free look ends after 7 days, and you'll need to buy a subscription if you want to keep using stuff.
  • You can only download 10 things while you're trying it out.
  • You can't talk to customer support if you're just trying it.
  • Everything you download will have a watermark on it.
  • How many things you can download might change depending on where you live.

If you're a designer, someone starting a business, or just someone who needs cool digital stuff for projects, Creative Market's free trial is a good way to see what's out there. Even though there are some limits like how long the trial lasts and how many things you can download, being able to use a bunch of professional resources helps you decide if Creative Market is right for you. For small businesses, this is a great chance to make your online stuff look professional without spending money right away. With the chance to try before you buy, Creative Market's trial is a handy way to improve your projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the free trial?

The Creative Market free trial is for people who haven't used Creative Market before. If you've already had an account or tried the free trial, you can't do it again.

To sign up, you must:

  • Be new to Creative Market without any previous accounts
  • Have never used a free trial before
  • Give your name, email, and create a password

If you've used Creative Market in the past, you won't be able to get the free trial again.

Do I need to enter payment information?

Yes, you need to give credit card details when you sign up for the free trial. You won't be charged during the 7-day trial, but they ask for this info to check who you are and to make it easier to buy a subscription later if you want to.

So, you won't pay anything for the first 7 days, but you do need to enter your credit card info to start the trial.

What happens after the 7-day trial ends?

When the 7-day trial is over, you can't use the items you downloaded anymore. If you want to keep using the fonts, pictures, or templates, you'll have to buy a Creative Market subscription.

Basically, the trial lets you try things out, but if you want to keep using them, you need to pay for a plan after the trial ends.

Do you have to pay to use Creative Market?

No, starting a shop on Creative Market is free. You only start paying when your items sell. Creative Market takes half of what you make on each sale. For example, if you sell something for $10, they keep $5, and you get $5.

How much does Creative Market charge?

Creative Market offers four different plans for people who buy stuff:

  • $19.95 per month
  • $39.95 per month
  • $69.95 per month
  • $99.95 per month

You can also just buy things one at a time without a subscription.

How does Creative Market membership work?

When you're a Creative Market member, you get free stuff every month. They pick out design items worth up to $1,000 and send you a link to download them. These items usually stick to a theme, and you'll know when new ones are available because they'll email you.

Is Creative Market exclusive or non exclusive?

Creative Market lets designers sell their items on other sites too, not just theirs. This means they don't have exclusive rights to the products. Also, Creative Market doesn't handle legal stuff like sending out DMCA notices for shop owners if someone else copies their work.

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