Video GPT

Simply type a prompt or your product website link and watch our AI tool work its magic.

Create videos with stock footage, music, subtitles, and more. Fully editable and ready to post on all social media platforms  

Add media from our stock library. Select clips from our royalty-free stock media library to add to your video.

You can add stock music, sound effects, and even video clips! You can also start with our customizable video templates.

Speed with structure

Scene-by-scene video creation.
Let QuickAds AI script generator do the work! Get compelling video scripts instantly. Our AI handles everything from script to scene creation. Elevate your video ads effortlessly!

Our advanced AI solution scans your website content and automatically turns it into an engaging video.

Industry leading features

Smartly search multiple footage libraries from one platform and select the one you like at fractional of the cost you will pay for retail pricing .

Gain insights into what's working for your competitors and adapt successful strategies to your own campaigns.


Having Confusions?

What are the key features of QuickAds' Video GPT tool?

QuickAds' Video GPT tool allows users to create videos effortlessly by simply typing a prompt or product website link. Users can add media from the stock library or customize video templates, resulting in fully editable videos ready for posting on social media platforms.

How much control do I have over the video creation process?

QuickAds offers flexible workflow options, allowing users to choose how much control they want. Whether it's generating scripts automatically with AI, selecting scenes scene-by-scene, or automatically turning website content into videos, QuickAds adapts to your needs.

What industry-leading features does QuickAds provide?

QuickAds enables smart searching across multiple footage libraries at a fraction of the cost, auto-generates captions with smart animation, and offers a wide range of multimedia options such as background music, sound effects, voiceovers, and translations to enhance your videos and reach wider audiences.

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